Is Premillennialism a Jewish Troll?


Recently, token Lesbian looking woman in a position of responsibility, Deputy Police Commissioner Tracy Linford said that the recent false flag killing of police in Wieambilla was motivated by Nathaniel, Gareth and Stacey Train being pre millennial Christians.

With that one statement roughly a third of all Christians in the USA and tens of thousands of Christians in Australia have become terrorism suspects.

What is really amusing is that pre-tribulation rapture, premillennial Christians have been the most fervently pro Jewish Christians in the world bar none. For they believe that the Jews returning to Palestine and setting up a country called Israel is an essential fulfilment of biblical prophesy that heralds the second coming of Christ. He will come back and take all of the believers away for seven years and Satan will rule the earth and behead anyone who doesn’t take the mark of the Beast. The Jews at this time, they believe, will finally wake up to the fact that Jesus is their Messiah and that many will become Christians before Jesus comes a third time to Judge the world and set up a thousand year reign before the world comes to an end.

So for the past 150 years pre tribulation pre millennials have been working hand in hand with Jewish political groups to help Jews to have their own State in Palestine and champion just about any other cause they Kvetch about. Which just goes to show that nothing has changed since the Bolshevik Revolution and Lenin’s useful idiots are still the first to be put up against the wall.

I cannot think of a bigger lie that Queensland police could have given as a motivation for committing murder than premillennialism. If you are convinced that Jesus is literally going to swoop down out of the sky any minute and save you from all the evil in the world, then why on heaven and earth would you feel the need to take up arms to fight evil? That’s God’s job.

So I suspect the reason that premillennial Christians have been targeted by Queensland police has nothing to do with their investigation and everything to do with devout Jew loving Christians having outlived their usefulness. Israel has been a country for decades. Wars to claim the rest of ancient Israel in Lebanon, Iraq and Syria have been waged. Jews rule the White House and Congress in the USA as well as the banking system and media. What further need of Christian groups such as friends of Israel? There are LGBTQ churches to work through now.

The pre tribulation rapture interpretation of Scripture only dates back to 1830. Before that Christians almost exclusively believed that millennium simply meant “Age” not 1000 years and that the Age wouldn’t end until after the whole world was brought under the rule of Christ when He would then return and defeat the final enemy, death. This doesn’t contradict the warning that He could come for the believer “like a thief in the night” at any moment, because God can take our lives at any moment and then we WILL face Judgement and either go to be with Him or be cast into the lake of fire for eternity.

Christianity used to be a gospel of hope and victory in THIS world, but premillennialism tells us that Satan, not Christ reigns supreme in this world and that there is nothing we can do about it other than wait around until Jesus comes back. We are still ordered to speak out against evil, but evil is expected to triumph until just before the end. So the net result tends to be that most premillennialis don’t speak out at all against evil directly, but rather use Satan’s success as a recruiting tool for people who want to hide away from the evil until they can be rescued from it.

For the past decade, Globalists have been trolling premillennial Christians more and more with propaganda that their version of the end times is coming. The Microsoft patent for a currency system with the patent number 060606. The CoVid vaccine with the active ingredient “Lucifer-ace” or “Lucifer-in”. The blatant satanic imagery in music and films. Agenda 2030, set to be completed 2000 years after Christ began His ministry.

Where we coincidentally won’t be able to buy or sell without a digital currency that can be taken away from you at any time if you don’t comply with what the regime wants.

It was all of this blatant anti Christian focus in the Globalist Agenda that was responsible for me picking up a Bible in June of 2020 and deciding to find out just what the truth was about the book. Six months later and after nearly 51 years of atheism, I decided to choose to believe that the life, death and physical resurrection of Jesus Christ actually occurred and that believing this would mean Jesus paid the price for my sins and would provide my soul with eternal salvation. Initially I didn’t particularly have any view of my soul. I just wanted to oppose everything the Globalists sought to destroy. Since then, the choice to believe has become genuine belief. It appears God has a way of overcoming doubts to even people like me, if they are simply prepared to let go of their Pride for long enough.

There have been plenty of times over the last 2000 years where some Christians thought that the End Times were upon them. 1000 years after Christ was resurrected from the dead people were shocked to find out that the word “millennium” might just be symbolic for the word “Age” or “Era”. When great tribulations befell people in “the worst year in history” 536, or when the Muslims began conquering, or the Mongol invasions or the Black Death, or the year without summer, or the World Wars. All of these events and more have prompted people to think Jesus is returning.

What happens each time this fails to happen? Does it help people believe in Christ or hinder it?

This is why I believe the Globalists, especially the Jewish Globalists have been promoting and trolling pre millennial Christians so much. Should 2030 come and go with no whisking away in the clouds to be with Jesus, that is going to cause a lot of disillusionment amongst some very devout people. Especially if they are the ones to face tribulation from police forces putting them on terrorist lists.

Jews HATE Christ.

Their entire religion is based upon defeating Christianity once and for all. Wiping us out or making us into cattle. Their strategy since the writing of the Kalergi plan has been to infiltrate and undermine Christendom. I believe the appearance and then growth of a pre tribulation rapture within a pre millennial view of the end times, with its focus on supporting Jews, was part of that infiltration. But pre millennial Christians are still devout Christians. So that is why they are now being demonised by authorities.

The good news though is that Christ will come back once He has finished making all of His enemies His footstool. Despite all you may hear, and despite the current degeneracy and apostasy in the West, Christianity continues to grow and expand. It expands in the way it always has, through the persecution of its believers. The more we are persecuted the more of the world Christianity conquers. A great tribulation for the West is coming. There will be a great reset. But it will be a reset of faith, not of an economic system. Because Christ is Lord of heaven and earth now. We do not need to wait for His second coming to see Him triumphant.

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