The Camp of the Devils


If you are reading this, France is undergoing more riots:

“French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday decided to trigger Article 49.3 of the French constitution, which granted the government executive privilege to push through controversial pension reforms without a parliamentary vote. The risky move sparked protests outside the National Assembly and is expected to trigger motions of no-confidence in his government.”

France will be a battleground for what will occur in the next 5-15 years. Mark my words.

To repeat what is being stated, President Macron (representing the electoral interests of Goldman Sachs) has invoked a section of the Constitution which gives him the ability to pass the pension reforms (lifting retirement age from 62 to 64) without a Parliamentary vote.

What they will not say is the reason behind the pension changes. It is because of migration, which has made places such as Paris unlikeable and unliveable. Saint-Denis, a suburb in Paris, is exclusively non-white and it will not allow a White woman or man to walk undisturbed. Underneath the Eiffel Tower is artwork depicting black men raping and murdering White men and women. I am not making this up. The pension changes are macro-economic and macro-cultural in their designs.

Paris is important to my heart, as the microlevel consequence of France’s multiculturalism. In 2015, I went to see the WW1 battlefields in Belgium and France as a school trip. I can vividly remember witnessing Notre Dame and the sight of soldiers armed with semiautomatics. This trip was one month after a recent Islamic terror attack. This was also when I almost got robbed by a Gypsy girl and escaped by pretending to be a retard.

Speaking of retards, let’s talk about Macron. The man who was elected as a saviour of democracy, the man who married his teacher, has now set forward his own mandate that follows the trend of suicidal empires. He rules over the France where France’s overpaid Africans compete against Germany’s team of overpaid Africans, not the France of Descartes or Clovis or Hugo or Jacques Massu. As stated:

Macron’s brute forcing of “pension reform” is a giant middle finger to the native French; they work and pay taxes so that Africans and Arabs can freeload off of them, trash their cities, and ruin their country, and their reward is to work even longer and closer to death.

“By resorting to [constitutional article] 49.3, the government demonstrates that it does not have a majority to approve the two-year postponement of the legal retirement age,” tweeted Laurent Berger, head of the CFDT, one of the unions leading the protests.

The government mismanages the pension system and the productive people of France bear the consequences. This is what governance looks like when headed by an anti-aristocracy with contempt for its own people. Infinite free stuff for infinite foreigners, working into the grave for you and your kids.

The American government is laying down the narrative groundwork to do the same to us over here.

The reign of Emmanuel Macron is to be compared to the regime that rules France in Jean Raspail’s 1973 dystopic novel The Camp of the Saints. Raspail’s inspiration was thus:

What if they were to come? I did not know who “they” were, but it seemed inevitable to me that the numberless disinherited people of the South would, like a tidal wave, set sail one day for this opulent shore, our fortunate country’s wide-gaping frontier.

Jean Raspail (1925-2020), controversial and brilliant French author, another man who warned us of the danger ahead. – archive of full text of The Camp of the Saints.

Renaud Camus, the creator of “The Great Replacement” narrative, remains alive and well to continue speaking out. Another text would be the 2015 Michel Houellebecq novel Submission, in which a Muslim candidate wins the 2022 Presidential Election against Marine Le Pen and transforms France into an Islamic nation.

The France that has denounced both Raspail and Houellebecq has only reaped the poisoned fruit it sowed. The France that should have been controlled by Massu and Salan following the right-wing coup of 13th May 1958 has now risen in anger over those that wish to destroy the very idea of France. French culture, French literature, French Catholics, the French language itself, it has all been sacrificed before the alter of the false idols of globohomo.

The same people that forced France to accept migrants as equals, to change the pension, to stifle the far-right and to cover up the murder of those such as Lola Daviet are also those who masterminded the French Revolution.

Credit to the NSN for remembering another victim of multiculturalism.

Never forget her or those that allowed her killer into France:

As Global Intel Watch states:

As Macron doesn’t have a parliamentary majority and that LR’s caucus is very divided, there’s a genuine chance that a no-confidence motion succeeds. 

If such a thing happens, Macron would be in huge trouble, and this would be his most severe political defeat since coming into power.

We are seeing the (((Establishment))) try and stifle the protests in a direction that will go away, but the fact that the government will stab the French people in the back through their pensions means that they must rise up now or accept their chains for good. They must understand that they face the same invasion that confronted Charles Martel in the Battle of Tours. And like Martel, they must overcome it otherwise France will face the fate of those it once conquered.

France will have a great rupture by the 2027 Presidential Election. Already we are seeing the rise of active clubs and National Socialist/far-right/White Nationalist organisations in the country, with much love and support from overseas in the wake of Lola Daviet’s murder. The elections from that time will move further to the right, as Le Pen’s denunciation of her father’s legacy and his anti-Semitism means that she will act as the Pauline Hanson of France. She’ll say a few things, but she will not garner the hope we need for France to be restored as the Daughter of the Church. Once again, the right-wing will spin its wheels and acceleration will occur as a natural consequence of decades of repeating the phrase, “Diversity is our Strength”.

Already, millions are radicalised by the acceptance of Muslims and Africans as well as the loss of Le Pen and Zemmour last year (the former won 8.1 million votes in the first round and the latter won 2.48 million). In regards to voting, we will see yet another person propped up to prevent violence against the system alongside Le Pen (assuming she runs in 2027 when she’s 59). But Ryan Fletcher’s Telegram offers a good point:

“Democracy has nothing to do with freedom. Democracy is a soft variant of communism, and rarely in the history of ideas has it been taken for anything else.”

  • Hans-Hermann Hoppe

With France rocked by the pension perversion, the protests only inflame what is to come for the decade. And after hearing what has happened with the banks recently, it appears to be closer than we think.

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