God gives us the rulers we deserve

I am the punishment of God… If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.

It’s hard to talk politics with Nationalist atheists and pagans these days without talking about the Bible. The problem is that the only solution to our current predicament is exclusive to this book. As my own response to such preaching when I was an atheist (less than three years ago) was to simply switch off, I am acutely aware that this should be the normal reaction to me by any non Christian Nationalist, any time I bring up anything from the Bible. I’m sorry, I can’t see any way around this. I simply ask you all to humour me once more. Grit your teeth and persevere to the end of this article. I will try to keep the subject political.

The Bible tells us that pharaoh feared the Israelites because they were starting to outnumber the Egyptians and that this is one of the main reasons he oppressed them. So why didn’t Moses tell the Israelites to rise up and overthrow the regime? Why didn’t God?

40 years after fleeing Egypt Joshua leads an army into Canaan and destroys all opposition to the conquest. What had changed?

Daniel faithfully serves both the Babylonians and later the Persians but is prepared to die rather than bow to a statue built by Nebuchadnezzar. If he was going to be killed anyway, why not fight to the death?

Just under 2000 years ago many “Jews” (remnants of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi along with people whose ancestors converted to the religion) rejected Jesus and His doctrine and, a little later, decided to rise up against the Romans who were ruling them. They were slaughtered and their holy temple was destroyed down to its very foundations. Why was violent uprising not the answer to their oppression?

According to the Bible we get the rulers we deserve. This means the Israelites in Egypt deserved to be enslaved by their pharaoh, they deserved to be enslaved by Babylon, ruled by Persia, Greece and finally by Rome. This would mean that we deserve to have Albanese as our Prime Minister, Dan Andrews and Mark McGowan etc as State Premiers and Klaus Schwab as our unelected overlord. That we deserve to have modern Jews (just add more people whose ancestors converted to the previous list) running the banks and media and we deserved to be locked down and ordered to wear masks and inject poison into our veins in order to keep our jobs.

The Bible says that whatever hellhole we currently find ourselves in is a consequence of decisions made either by ourselves or by our parents, grandparents, great grandparents or even great great grandparents. “Visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation” (numbers 14:18 KJV). If you prefer “science”, then “every action has an equal and opposite reaction” (Issac Newton).

So when I say there is no political solution and there is also no violent solution, there is only Christ as a solution; I am not engaging in a pacifist/ defeatist cope. What I am saying is that until we fix the problem that gave us the likes of Andrews, Albanese, Schwab and Jews running amuck everywhere you look, we are not going to change anything by trying to seize power. Voting won’t help, revolution won’t help.

Look at the skin colour of pride parade marchers, Antifa activists and extinction rebellion morons. Most of them are not Jews. They are Godless white people of European origin. Look at your average Labor, Liberal or One Nation supporter. Do you seriously expect any of them to make society better? Do you expect Mark Latham to oppose mass non white immigration? Our people are a disgrace. Our people are a mess. We cannot save our people until we fix our people and we cannot fix our people unless we first fix ourselves. We must lead by example.

Politics is downstream from culture, but culture is downstream from religion. This is why the entertainment industry spends so much time making Satanism normal. This is why infiltrating and corrupting people within the churches was the first thing to occur in the destruction of our civilisation. Our people listened. Our people went along with it. Our people are to blame. We are to blame.

The reason Moses didn’t tell the Israelites to rise up against Egypt was because most of them were comfortable being enslaved.

Sound familiar?

They had to leave the system, struggle on their own for a generation and become a united Nation under God again.

What am I recommending to you?

Start growing your own food, separate from the system as much as possible and build a community of white Christians.

Same principle, different circumstances.

Why did Daniel serve the Babylonians and Persians but was willing to be executed rather than worship a false God? Why did he not rebel if he was going to die anyway?

Because it wasn’t important what was done to him, what was important is what he was able to do for his people by his faith. Trying to change the regime was futile. Leading by example to restore the faith of his people was vital.

What do I recommend in regards to abominations and lies in our own time?

Stand alone if necessary. Speak out and don’t comply with false gods of gender ideology, medical and climate insanity. Be prepared to sacrifice yourself in non compliance, but don’t get violent. Be an example to your people of your faith. Grow faith. Be seen by your people acting upon faith in what is right.

Why did Joshua conquer Canaan with war in the Old Testament but the Jews failed in 70AD? Why did Jesus conquer the Roman Empire through peaceful conversion instead?

It’s got nothing to do with a choice between peaceful means and violent means of change. It has to do with the strength of faith and the righteousness of that faith, that is required in both cases. How we change society in the future is a matter of circumstances of the time, but whatever means are used they will only succeed if the collective faith of our people is united and strong enough to commit to it in the face of death. It must be righteous and it must be resolute.

There is no peaceful solution. There is no violent solution. There is only a Christ solution. Because only collective faith in the fundamentals of our moral underpinnings has the power to undo what we have done to ourselves.

If you don’t believe there is any judgement after death, why would anyone else? If no one else believes in life after death, why would anyone risk their life or sacrifice their life to stand up for “what is right”? What does “right and wrong” even mean? Why is your race important? Why is your family important? Why does it matter if some people in society engage in homosexuality or constant casual sex?

Look at the number of white people who don’t believe what you believe anymore. Are you really going to claim that it is our race that makes us better in the face of all the evidence to the contrary? Were our pagan ancestors any less lustful for violence than today’s Africans? Were Roman orgies any less depraved than Jewish run Internet porn? Morals come from God. Without God to judge there are no morals to defend. With belief in the wrong gods we get the wrong morals.

Our race alone, doesn’t explain our historical success. Your morals and values don’t come from pagan Rome or Norse raiders. To them you can be thankful for your genetic advantages, but for the moral and peaceful (relative to others) civilisation that your great great grand parents inherited, thank Christianity. Thank the belief in Christ and judgement after death. That’s what kept us in line. That’s what inspired us to be better. That is what converted the Roman Empire and supplanted the Norse Gods. That was the key to our success and that is what we threw away.

We get the rulers we deserve. If we want better rulers we will first need to deserve better rulers. This starts with believing in Christ and living by His laws.

This is why I can’t talk politics without bringing up the Bible.

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