Peter Dutton Humiliates Himself: Betrays White Australia Again


XYZ News understands that just before Dutton’s humiliation speech, Lidia Thorpe barged into his office, grabbed his left arm and used it to repeatedly hit him in his own face, while asking him over and over again, “why are you hitting yourself?”

He then wore a pink tutu and a Mao cap, and let people film him as he pranced around parliament house holding hands with AnAl:

Liberal leader Peter Dutton has apologised for boycotting the National Apology to the Stolen Generations in 2008.

Mr Dutton, who was the only Opposition frontbencher to abstain from the apology, says he was wrong for not supporting it.

“I failed to grasp at the time the symbolic significance to the Stolen Generation of the apology,” Mr Dutton said.

“It was right for Prime Minister [Kevin] Rudd to make the apology in 2008.”

This is categorically false. The so-called “stolen generations” are a complete fabrication.

They serve the same purpose as the holocaust more broadly, as an ahistorical stick with which to perennially beat White people over the head.

Mr Dutton has previously acknowledged he made a mistake boycotting the national apology, saying at the time he thought it should be made after the government had closed the gap between outcomes of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

Indigenous Australians Minister Linda Burney thanked Mr Dutton for saying sorry on the 15th anniversary of the apology speech.

“For some, the apology was something to reject and, of course, we all learn and we all grow,” Ms Burney said.

She said Mr Dutton and his party now had a chance to work with the government by supporting the Voice to Parliament in a referendum.

“It is a good thing that we grow and we learn, but now we have the chance to do something practical together, to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Australians,” she said.

“This is about getting things done and importantly for people to hold us to account.

“Governments are better when they listen and when they are held to account. Holding governments to account was not done in the era of the Stolen Generations.”

We’re basically at the forced public confessions stage of the Cultural Revolution in Australia. Next comes public executions.

This represents a complete rollover by the Liberal Party regarding the so-called “voice to parliament”. Even if it opposes it this year, and regardless of whether the referendum succeeds, we know that at some point the Liberal Party will betray its initial position and its constituents and say it was wrong to oppose the voice.

This humiliation ritual is not a one-off. It is merely a more formal acknowledgement of the Liberal Party’s role as a rear guard to the Greens and the Labor Party. There is no hope for the Liberal Party, it has repeatedly thwarted attempts to force it to represent the views of its constituency. Even if it does decide to stand for some conservative values in order to avoid complete annihilation, it will only betray Aussies again once it feels a moment of comfort.

It must be put last on all voting cards and utterly destroyed.

This demonstrates how insidious “the voice” really is. We are lectured that aboriginal people do not have a voice, that they have no say over their own affairs, thus a special body of elite university aboriginals must be appointed to cross check everything which passes through parliament.


Every single politician in the land is explicitly anti-White. When Fraser Anning twice attempted to give White Australians a say regarding our replacement, his moves were blocked, he was censured in parliament and banished once removed from office.

By contrast, every politician in the land is explicitly pro-aboriginal, to the point where they issue humiliating apologies for previously holding positions contrary to those deemed acceptable in the current year.

White Australians have zero representation at every level of government in Australia. Even those who signal implicitly in our favour routinely betray us.

The Voice to Parliament must be opposed with every ounce of our being at a grassroots level, because grassroots is the only level at which it can be opposed. If the referendum passes, we will demand our own Voice to Parliament, a Treaty, and our own autonomous lands.

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