A-League forces children to wear groomer shirts


First comes the tolerance.

Then it’s mandatory celebration.

The next step is forced participation:

Parents of primary school age children have been told their kids are required to wear pride t-shirts if they want to play in an A-League half-time game.

The game is taking place during the A-League’s inaugural Pride Celebration round held between February 24-26, with a follow-up round on March 4 in New Zealand.

The marquee game of the round is between Adelaide United and Melbourne Victory at Melbourne’s AAMI Park on February 26 – when the children will take the field during the break.

It comes after last year’s fiasco in the NRL where seven Manly Sea Eagles players sat out a key match in the lead up to the finals after the club opted to wear rainbow-striped pride jerseys without notifying the squad.

John Aloiai, Tolutau Koula, Haumole Olakau’atu, Jason Saab, Josh Schuster, Toafofoa Sipley and Christian Tuipulotu all refused to wear the jersey citing religious reasons for their decision.

The Lying Press tied themselves in knots over that one, trying to explain why it was okay to let Pacific Islanders be Christian and to venerate traditional family values.

In order to play in the February 26 A-League game, the children must wear the rainbow jerseys, sparking backlash from parents and fans.

‘Please note that Melbourne Victory will be celebrating Pride Cup at this fixture. As such, participants playing half time small sided games will be wearing a specially designed pride T-shirt during the game,’ the registration form given to one junior coach read.

‘By continuing with this registration form you agree to your child wearing the MVFC pride T-shirt,’ the form seen by The Herald Sun advises.

A furious parent told the newspaper it was not appropriate and kids should be ‘kept out of social and cultural matters’.

‘It’s deeply disturbing that the Melbourne Victory is forcing 6 year old children to be moving billboards,’ he said.

This week in Federal Parliament, Senator Alex Antic revealed that propaganda such as this is utterly common in the education system, with one school effectively instituting a social credit system:

Last year, former state Liberal MP Bernie Finn revealed a young girl had been required for homework to ask her father about his erections and ejaculations.

It is entirely predictable that reprobates are attempting to force groomer propaganda down the throats of children. Reprobates are by definition barren and cannot reproduce, thus they must create more dysfunctional mutants by normalising degeneracy throughout society and through direct abuse.

This is why the state is pushing and funding so-called “drag queen story hour” events throughout the country, and why brave individuals and groups are opposing them.

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