Mother And Son Goes Antiwhite


Many Australians grew up with fond memories of Mother and Son played so brilliantly by Ruth Cracknell and Garry McDonald. It was always a bit woke, promoting the idea that having Greek neighbours and Asian female doctors is normal now, and must be accepted by an old lady who misses the White Anglo Australia that she grew up with. We could always put these woke episodes aside and enjoy the Aussie, or Anglo humour and relatable situations.

A great propaganda technique is to hijack an institution or beloved sitcom and change it to suit your agenda. This way the Australian state propaganda media can get the biggest bang for the taxpayer’s bucks.

Their ABC receives over $1 000 000 000 per year of taxpayer funding for its operation. Currently its unofficial goal is to promote and normalise the antiwhite (woke) agenda.

As the government replaces Australians with the third world it uses their ABC to normalise race-mixing and all forms of harmful and destructive relationships such as anal sex with men and the castration of children who become confused by homosexual propaganda.

As you would expect from their ABC, Mother and Son has been re-imagined, so Arthur has become half African:

The series will follow recently-single Arthur Gbeme (Okine) who moves back into his family home when his widowed mum Maggie (Scott) sets fire to the kitchen

ABC’s head of comedy Todd Abbott said:

“Australia has changed a lot in 40 years, and this cheeky, fired-up, laugh-out-loud series reflects that beautifully..

“With the blessing of Mother and Son’s original creator Geoffrey Atherden, we are thrilled to bring this hilarious and provocative reimagining to the ABC and audiences the world over,” a statement from Wooden Horse producers Jude Troy and Richard Finlayson said.

White people make up just 8% of the world’s population but all White majority countries are being flooded by the third world and assimilated with ‘Multicultural’ programs until White children are made extinct forever. There will still be a billion Africans in Africa, a billion Indians in India and 2 billion Asians in Asia. Multiculturalism only erases White children.

Australian taxpayers are so sick of this antiwhite garbage that you can be sure this woke comedy will be a massive flop, but at the end of the day they don’t care because it’s your tax money and it’s their ABC.

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