2022 – The Year of Clown World

They want you to stay safe while their governments lead them into a war with Russia and China.

Buried at the bottom of The Australian’s web page on this last day of the year 2022 is an article titled, “Russian Missiles Rain Down on Ukraine”. The link is pay walled; I merely include it for correctness. This is from the same major news outlet that has spent almost the entire year confidently announcing that Russia was about to run out of missiles; or that Russia had exhausted its manpower reserves; or perhaps president Putin was deathly ill or facing major internal political dissent; or that the Western sanctions were on the verge of bringing Russia to its knees.

2022 was the year that clown world broke free and disappeared up its own arsehole in a wave of incoherent lies and lunacy, the product of decades of self belief in its own innate superiority due not to any real accomplishments or ability, but rather to its mere existence and its proponents’ membership in it. As the year ends and despite all evidence to the contrary, all of its legions still valiantly believe in this eternal paradigm; as they must, because their bank accounts and their very identities depend upon it.

A major headline on the same page is of the sudden and unprecedented scale of the number of people now being infected with the Wuhan sniffles over in China. In other words, they’re trying to pull the same scam again. Will the people fall for it? I have no doubt that that will be the case. Because the ordinary man cannot break free of the media. He has been watching, reading and consuming it for all of his life. The screen tells him what to think and so that is now his opinion. Tomorrow, the screen will tell him the literal opposite and likewise he will jettison his previous belief without a modicum of self reflection on the matter. He will do no research of his own. His intellectual shallowness is a reflection of his passivity and laziness.

But it is not 1942 anymore. There are many alternative and reliable sources available on the internet for the average man to be able to form a coherent grasp of the objective reality that is out there. But the majority refuse to act.

2022 has been for me personally a tumultuous year, with major upheavals in my professional life that have caused me to pursue an entirely different direction. But it has also been a year of recognition. I now have a keen awareness not just of the enormity and extent of the lies, but of the continued passivity of the average man in the face of them. Everything that Orwell described has come to pass. Our enemies used his novel as a textbook guide. I no longer wonder if I am the crazy one, or if there is something that perhaps I’m missing. Rather, I am serene in my understanding of the facts of the matter, and those facts are that there is no waking up of the masses. They are too fat and content and cowardly to ever move a muscle or lift a finger.

‘Stay safe’ is now the parting salutation of choice on most messages that I receive. Stay safe from what exactly? Perhaps the answer to that is the fear of losing their baubles, of having something change. Indoor plumbing is a hell of a drug. People are scared of losing … what exactly? They don’t know but they want you to stay safe while their governments lead them into a war with Russia and China. It’s beyond clown world. I’ve never experienced anything quite like this year.

To all of my readers, I do not wish you to stay safe. I hope that you continue your own personal journeys of waking up from the great spell that has been cast upon us. And that you give courage, hope and inspiration to those around you so that they too might have a chance to begin the same journey. And ultimately, all that happens to us in this veil of tears will pass. After that is the real reckoning. So for 2023 and whatever it brings, may your spiritual journeys dwarf your earthly ones.

Happy New Year to you all.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.