BBC Slanders Australia For Having Too Many White Politicians


An antiwhite from the BBC, Frances Moe, has attacked Australia for having too many White politicians.

From the BBC:

Australia is one of the most multicultural nations in the world, but it’s a different story in the country’s politics, where 96% of federal lawmakers are white.

With this year’s election, political parties did have a window to slightly improve this. But they chose not to in most cases, critics say.

He even singled out Australia’s most rabid antiwhite politician, Kristina Keneally who is an immigrant from the USA, for taking a seat that could have gone to a nonwhite immigrant instead:

Tu Le grew up the child of Vietnamese refugees in Fowler, a south-west Sydney electorate far from the city’s beaches, and one of the poorest urban areas in the country.

The 30-year-old works as a community lawyer for refugees and migrants newly arrived to the area.

Last year, she was pre-selected by the Labor Party to run in the nation’s most multicultural seat. But then party bosses side-lined her for a white woman.

It would take Kristina Kenneally four hours on public transport – ferry, train, bus, and another bus – to get to Fowler from her home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, where she lived on an island.

Furious locals questioned what ties she had to the area, but as one of Labor’s most prominent politicians, she was granted the traditionally Labor-voting seat.

Ms Le only learned she’d been replaced on the night newspapers went to print with the story.

“I was conveniently left off the invitation to the party meeting the next day,” she told the BBC.

China and India both have over a billion people and probably 100% Chinese and Indian politicians, but antiwhites such as BBC’s Frances Moe and Australia’s former race discrimination minister Tim Soutphommasane believe that they should also have leading roles in Australian politics. As if Liberal and Labor are not antiwhite enough?

Despite backlash – including a Facebook group where locals campaigned to stop Ms Kenneally’s appointment – Labor pushed through the deal.

“If this scenario had played out in Britain or the United States, it would not be acceptable,” says Dr Tim Soutphomassane, director of the Sydney Policy Lab and Australia’s former Race Discrimination Commissioner.

“But in Australia, there is a sense that you can still maintain the status quo with very limited social and political consequences.”

Frances Moe rants about how a politician mixed up two female Asian candidates and went on to make up a quote of someone saying: “How is this still happening in 2022?” (“It’s the current year” argument):

But the Liberal-National government doesn’t even have diversity as a platform issue.

One of its MPs up for re-election recently appeared to confuse her Labor rival for Tu Le, sparking accusations that she’d mixed up the two Asian-Australian women – something she later denied. But as one opponent said: “How is this still happening in 2022?”

As if in 100 years everybody will be able to tell all people apart. I often can’t tell two white women apart and they have 10 different hair, eye and skin colours but it’s not good enough to be replaced, we have to be able to tell the nonwhites apart as well.

In a week in which the West’s Lying Press has gone into full Great Replacement Denial mode following a shooting by a Brenton Tarrant copycat, Moe not only confirms The Great Replacement, but insists that Australia’s parliament should reflect the reality of The Great Replacement:

At least one in five Australians have a non-European background and speak a language at home other than English, according to the last census in 2016.

Some 49% of the population was born or has a parent who was born overseas. In the past 20 years, migrants from Australia’s Asian neighbours have eclipsed those from the UK.

But the parliament looks almost as white as it did in the days of the “White Australia” policy – when from 1901 to the 1970s, the nation banned non-white immigrants.

“We simply do not see our multicultural character represented in anything remotely close to proportionate form in our political institutions,” says Dr Soutphomassane.

Compared to other Western multicultural democracies, Australia also lags far behind.

Two decades ago, Australia and the UK had comparably low representation. But UK political parties – responding to campaigns from diverse members – pledged to act on the problem.

“The British Conservative Party is currently light years ahead of either of the major Australian political parties when it comes to race and representation,” says Dr Soutphomassane.

When a White person points out that The Great Replacement is occurring the Lying Press insists it is a conspiracy theory. However, when an antiwhite complains about “underrepresentation” of so-called “minorities”, The Great Replacement is real.

This sick, disgusting BBC article is a telling representation of a Globalist system hell bent on replacing all White majority countries with nonwhites. They say Africa is for Africans, Asia is for Asians but White countries are for Everyone.

White people make up just 8% of the world’s population but all White majority countries are being flooded by nonwhites and assimilated with Diversity and Multicultural programs to erase White children forever. There will still be a billion Africans in Africa, a billion Indians in India, and two billion Asians in Asia. Multiculturalism is just a code world for White Genocide.

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