Argentina’s Aryan Super Soldiers beat negroes in Sportsball World Cup Final


What a photo.

Clearly, France needed better negroes:

Lionel Messi is in tears, falling to his knees in the grass. He holds his arms out wide, his face a portrait of pure sublimity. He has realised something nobody else knows, like he has seen the face of God, like he has touched paradise.

He disappears shortly after, buried beneath a rush of blue and white. Then something unexpected washes around the stadium. It is not the roar of 40,000 Argentinian fans driven to rapture by the final whistle of this indescribable game. Instead, it’s something quite the opposite: a kind of divine silence, a long and peaceful breath at having watched something long awaited finally arrive.

Yeah, I’m not going to cut and paste any more of that. Sport really is the opium of the masses.

Argentina beat France in the Soccer World Cup Final in Qatar last night. It was a thrilling game which was, naturally, decided by penalties.

Buenos Aires has gone bonkers.

That’s what happens when a people who haven’t given away their country to foreigners does something cool. All the White people, with a capital W, go out and celebrate.

Meanwhile in France…

As with Italy’s victory over the Kalergi British team in the European Cup, although sport is fake and gay, it is refreshing to see White men in an all-White team holding back the black hordes, even for a moment.

Argentina remains majority White, with the descendants of its Italian, Spanish and German founders receiving a boost of fresh blood post WW2.

A lot of very sensible economists will tell you that Argentina used to have a GDP commensurate to that of the USA but it was decimated by socialism and central banks. They’re right, but the Argentines can perhaps consider themselves lucky.

Its neighbour Chile has the strongest economy in South America. Consequently it gets all the migrants. The capital Santiago is deteriorating rapidly..

Ultimately, this temporary success for Argentina demonstrates why colonialism is absolutely crucial to the survival of the White race. The more colonies we have, the better.

That way if one gets hit by an asteroid, and another gets hit with globohomo, there will still be some White people left alive somewhere in the solar system.

This is the entire reason Australia was founded, and the reason we must take it back.

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