WA result foreshadowed Victorian election disaster


I have absolutely no pleasure in being proven right about the Victorian election, but the WA State election had already given Australia the precedent to rely on. 

Mark McGowan might not have received the spotlight in the way Andrews did, but make no mistake, he was just as authoritarian and was guilty of the same crimes. We weren’t locked down as long, but we still had 5km zones that we were forbidden to travel behyond. We had mask mandates, QR code mandates and vaccine mandates. We had people threatened with force testing and at least one person forcibly tested in the holding cells after being arrested for protesting:

I was arrested myself for not wearing a mask, but was saved from being taken into custody by a quick thinking friend who told protesters to march back towards where I was waiting with the police for the paddy wagon to return. I have also had State security and the Department of Health come knocking on my door. There is nothing special about me in any of this. I am just one of many in WA who can testify that what happened in Victoria, happened Australia wide. 

Yet when the WA State election occurred Labor won nearly every seat. In the Federal election minor Parties such as One Nation barely scraped together 10% of the vote between them. So the writing was on the wall for Victoria even since the day that Dictator Dan didn’t fall down the stairs after getting frisky with the wrong Billionaire’s family member. 

The fact of the matter is that in a democracy the intense passion, anger and moral righteousness of some cannot defeat the ignorance, apathy and selfishness of the many. 

We cannot vote our way out of this. Because democracy was what caused this in the first place. 

Our task now is twofold: 

First: we must build local communities and the Bible MUST be the foundation of those communities if they are to flourish. 

Note, I said Bible and not Church. There are a minuscule numbers of Churches in the Western world that have remained faithful to all that is taught in the Bible. The most neglected and lied about parts of the Bible currently being that of ethnicity and Nations. It will be up to YOU, dear XYZ reader, to discover the truth here and preach it to your community. Don’t be afraid of the responsibility. The other thing you will find in the Bible are the countless times the people were betrayed by the Priests and taught false doctrine. God called on ordinary people to stand up then. He calls on you to stand up now! 

Second: alone if need be at first, but in communities as you develop them, we must be physically present to oppose the Agenda wherever it is being actually carried out or pushed near where you live. 

So transgender story time, Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Black lives matter protests, climate change protests, shopping centres where mask mandates are in force, businesses (such as Nandos) that don’t accept cash. Go to places where it will take your personal courage to turn up to. Lead by example. Anyone can turn up to a mass protest organised by controlled opposition. Do you have the courage to stand alone in your local community? 

Time will tell whether or not I can practice what I preach, but don’t wait for me. If you have bigger cojones, display them! There are people with big words and there are people with big balls. People can succeed without my words, but if neither of us have any balls, then we’re both pussies and deserve to be fucked. Just don’t be upset when Dan Andrews or Mark McGowan sticks it in the wrong hole! 

We cannot beat this system unless we first beat the culture that enabled it, so that means turning up where the depraved culture is being shaped and opposing it. It’s not enough just to build our own society because the current culture is parasitic and won’t let us be. Like the men of Sodom it’s not enough for them to be depraved or insane, they must take even the most holy and defile it. 

I don’t know what such actions will lead to, I only know that such actions are the right thing to do. Sooner or later things will come to a head.

Let them initiate the violence. My basic understanding of Biblical teaching in regards to how to respond to violence against you is “what response will best see God’s will done?”. The majority of times peaceful martyrdom works when your death or imprisonment is a public event, such as Romans putting Christians to death in the arena. Whereas taking as many of the bastards with you as possible is for when they try and dispose of you in secret, such as in Soviet Russia (read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago). God is Truth and God wants truth told and truth known. So peaceful in public and let the world see their brutality. If they come to brutalise you in private, don’t let their evil happen in darkness. 

One day, maybe violent revolution will come. I certainly can’t see any other way for this system to be stopped. But that is what faith in God is for. So that you don’t despair and don’t throw your life away without good cause. Because if 90% of people who turn up to mass protests haven’t got the courage to sacrifice their job to refuse a needle, they sure as their own damnation don’t have the balls to rise up against the 90% of wider population who didn’t go to any protests. So don’t you be thinking about getting violent yourself. You won’t gain any support.

You need the courage of restraint and of patience and willingness to sacrifice. Build your community. Oppose the agenda where it’s being implemented. 

Trust in God for the rest.

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