Our Sweet Victory over Science


There’s been a fair bit of chatter concerning the Atlantic article where the Left is attempting to push the events of the past two years into a shallow hole and cover it up with leaves. Karl Denninger has responded in his usual diatribe which consists of his overuse of the world ‘fuck’, and the bold and underline options. Read it if you would like to know how an articulate 10 year old might respond.

Sev has a much better take and I encourage you to read it. He notes that the Left are not attempting to blame it all on Trump, which is weird as the Vaxx was indeed Trump’s thing.

But they’re not doing that. Instead, we’re getting that weird Ilhan Omar thing they’re sometimes forced to do — some people did some things — which is the closest you’ll ever get to a Leftist admitting xzhey were wrong. Leftists of course can’t admit error. They’re physically incapable of it, but they’re also definitionally incapable of it. They’re on The Right Side of History ™; that’s what Leftism is; and so if they’re wrong about something, they can no longer be Leftists. “Some people did some things” is the closest they can come…

….and that’s where they are now.

I want to add a further point along the lines of ‘know thy enemy’; you know, that old Sun Tzu Art of War thing.

The Left has to view our own successful analysis of the Covid events in real time as a giant lucky throw of the dice on our own part. The knowledge that we came to our conclusions via careful objective analysis as well as a healthy distrust of authority is complete anathema to them, for the simple fact that to even edge towards such a conclusion would destroy their worldview in one go. Which is why we have the likes of Scott Adams declaring that we got lucky on our guess about the vaccines, a sure reveal of his own leftyism no matter what types of cartoons he writes.

We are the Left’s enemy and they do not know us at all. Because they cannot do so. To know us would ensure their own self-destruction.

So now they find themselves in a public and physical pickle, (remember, they all took the jab). We might be witnessing an own goal along the lines of the Cool-Aid top out unparalleled in size and scope in history. I predict that they will become increasingly deranged as they individually attempt to come up with some sort of palatable rationale. Note the term, individually. They can’t act hive mind on this one because the real world consequences are so devastating and so spread out.

The Atlantic article in question is a first attempt at the hive mind strategy which is their go-to strategy. Leftists always agree and amplify with one another so as to ensure their spot on the pecking order, particularly if they’re a white male who likes to sleep with women, as an example. This is how we have got from gay marriage to cutting off little Johnny’s pee pee in such a small space of time. They don’t believe in anything, which means they will make-believe in anything at all so as to suit their very short term political and social requirements, (the two are completely interconnected).

This is all fine when you are unburdened by the majority of the consequences of your actions, and even then they’ll put up with literal human shit on the sidewalk so as to ensure their own political standing. But remember, they all shot the goop into their arm. It’s there inside of them, ticking away, tick tock, tick tock. And they know it but they can’t turn and face the reality. It’s like someone refusing to open emails from their bank for months on end warning of an ever increasing negative balance. If I ignore it then not only will it go away but it won’t actually be real. And thus I won’t have to deal with it.

The Atlantic article is their first attempt to get everyone in line. It won’t work because they’re going to start panicking once they begin dropping dead in greater numbers. You wanted popcorn time? This is popcorn time. And like old Napoleon said, we must do our very best not to get in their way as they seriously begin to implode. Instead we should do everything possible to encourage their collective meltdown. That is sweet victory, my friends. Our sweet victory over leftism, leftists and the science which they have so badly believed in for so very long.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.