Food For Thought – Make The Bastards Either Put Up Or Shut Up

Shitposting is to create and being denied to create is when you die! Image edited by Ryan Fletcher

Ray Kroc once famously stated that “I didn’t invent the hamburger. I just took it more seriously than anyone else”. For me shitposting is what I take seriously.

For example, five years ago when applying for my current job I’d listed XYZ on my well-rounded resume as “volunteer work” and had our supremely based editor be one of my referees. My current employer has year on year given me glowing job appraisal feedback as a result.

Fast forward a couple of years and little has changed.

Following the shitshow a week after Biden stole the 2020 Presidential election, and the indictable charge falling flat on it’s ass about 6 months later and all charges being dropped about a year after that, left a deafening silence from “hate experts” like Dvir Abramovich, Julie Nathan and Slackbastard.

I suppose these lot are finally trying out the truism posited by Oscar Wilde that “the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about”. Guess I’ll just have to suffer spending time with family and friends, whilst authoring story-rhyme books for my nephew and niece, rather than autistically scoffing at making the ECAJ, ADC, AIJAC and TRAC shitlists.

Bummer (LOL).

Guess the judo tactic of using a combatant’s weight and strength to your own advantage, rather than opposing blow directly to blow, is lost on this mob.

Even though I’d love to have my XYZ writing/art portfolios, autobiographical booklet and extensive archives of “antisemitic” memes (all of which were seized as “evidence”) presented before a court the enemy is SADLY not as functionally retarded as I give them credit for.

Putting someone like myself in the crosshairs of a court, whether the verdict is guilty or not guilty, ultimately delivers a rhetorical win for dissenting shitposting more broadly.

As rule number sixty-five posited by Roger Stone states “use the internet to do with thousands of dollars what once required millions”, one could say the art of shitposting is making your opponent waste their time, money and resources pursuing your creativity for your benefit.

At the end of the day you can’t get blood from a stone (pun intended).

Food For Thought.

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