LA “Racism” Scandal Exposes The Fraud of “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”


Mike Peinovich

A leaked recording of a meeting of several leading Latino political figures in Los Angeles has thrown the LA political establishment and the national media into a crisis. The recording features LA City Council President Nury Martinez, Council members Gil Cedillo and Kevin de León and Los Angeles County Federation of Labor President Ron Herrera making negative remarks about Blacks, Jews, Armenians, Oaxacans (South American Indians) and homosexuals. The meeting was reportedly held last October, but the audio was leaked last week. All four individuals have resigned from their positions under pressure from the media, racial interest groups and other members of the City Council.

The purpose of the discussion was to talk about a redistricting map for LA that had been drawn up by a 21 member city redistricting commission. The meeting participants were unhappy with the map because they felt it did not allocate enough big money projects, such as renovations of USC and Van Nuys Airport, within districts controlled by Latino members of the City Council. Ron Hererra is heard on the audio saying, “My goal in life is to get the three of you elected…we’re like a little Latino caucus of our own.”

“we’re like a little Latino caucus of our own” – Ron Herrera

The national media focused initially on remarks made about the Black adopted son of City Council member Mike Bonin, a White homosexual, who Nury Martinez referred to as a “little bitch.” They accused Bonin of using his Black adopted son as an accessory, comparable to how Nury Martinez likes to use her designer handbags. They also laughed and joked that the Black child or “negrito” (little negro) was “parece changuito,” (like a monkey).

Nury Martinez told a story in which the Black child was behaving badly and she said she wanted to offer Bonin to take him around back and beat him until he behaved. She added that Bonin was making a mistake in raising a Black child as if he were a White child, implying that Black children need to be beaten in oder to behave, while White children do not.

“They’re raising him like a little white kid… I was like, this kid needs a beatdown. Let me take him around the corner and then I’ll bring him back.” – Nury Martinez

When speaking about Oaxacans in LA, Martinez said “I see a lot of little short dark people,” adding “Tan feos” (they’re ugly).

Referring to Paul Krekorian, an Armenian member of the LA City Council, Martinez said, “He also wants his guy elected… So he needs a district that Adrin Nazarian could win it. That’s what they want. They want to assure, they want to be reassured that they have, not an Armenian district in the Valley, because that doesn’t exist, but they want as many Armenians in that district as possible to be able to play.”

When talking about Jews the group had a number of things to say.

Speaking about LA City Controller Ron Galperin Martinez said, “You need to go talk to that white guy… It’s not us. It’s the White members on this council that will motherf— you in a heartbeat.”

Martinez misidentified Galperin as White. He is in fact Jewish and homosexual. His full name is Ron Shalom Galperin and he is “married” to Zach Shapiro, another homosexual Jew.

Speaking about Jewish former California State Assemblyman Richard Katz, who served on the redistricting committee and had been appointed by Jewish City Councilman Bob Blumenfield, Ron Herrara said, “I’m sure Katz and his crew have an agenda.”

Martinez responded, “the judíos (Jews) cut their deal with South LA… They are gonna screw everybody else.”

South LA is a majority Black district, so Martinez is saying that the Jews are working with Blacks to “screw” Latinos and other racial groups.

Speaking of LA County District Attorney George Gascón, who is heavily supported by the Jewish community, Martinez said “F— that guy … He’s with the Blacks” again, pointing to the alliance between Jews and Blacks in LA.

These remarks threw the LA City government and the national media into a crisis. They expose the official state ideology of “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” as nothing but a cynical fraud. All four participants in the conversation were known as progressives prior to the leak. The fact that non-White progressives speak like this behind closed doors makes a mockery of the entire American racial project.

The fact that in LA politics, and indeed politics all around the country, the relevant category of group competition is race, not political party or ideology, has been made clear for all to see. The meeting participants take for granted in their conversation that all groups in LA, Latinos, Indians, Jews, Blacks, Armenians, everyone except for Whites, play racial politics behind closed doors.

The recording has also laid bare the fact that Latinos are just as racist against Blacks as any other group, and arguably more racist than some. This puts the lie to a lynchpin of anti-White ideology, the notion that racism can only be exercised by Whites, and that once Whites are a minority, racism will be eradicated.

In a desperate and frustrated response to the leaked audio, Black NY Times columnist Charles Blow had this to say,

“I have a theory about the future of America that I don’t want to come true.

It is a theory that worries me and that I have written about: that with the browning of America, white supremacy could simply be replaced by — or buffeted by — a form of “lite” supremacy, in which fairer-skin people perpetuate a modified anti-Blackness rather than eliminating it.”

Blow’s theory has already come true, and was always inevitable. Racial preference for one’s own group is simply a fact of reality, and cannot be eliminated by state ideology or state terror. It can only be hidden.

The National Justice Party does not condemn these Latino politicians for their words. We already knew that non-White racial groups speak this way behind closed doors. This recording simply proves that the NJP’s view of politics is the correct one. We acknowledge race as the most relevant category on which inter-group politics are conducted. As point 10 in our platform states: “The corrupt two party system must be abolished and replaced by a system that offers real representation to racial groups and economic classes.”

Our objection to official American racial ideology has nothing to do with racist comments by Latinos or any other group. Our objection is that Whites are held beneath all other racial groups, legal double standards are implemented against Whites, and mass immigration is being used to replace the White majority population, all while Whites are denied any open official racial representation. The National Justice Party intends to fill that gap in the political landscape as the only group that openly and proudly represents the interests of Whites in the American racial and political contest.

Originally published by the National Justice Party.