Based Chinese Police Stations in Australia deporting Chinese back to China


Several years worth of lobbying by XYZ News has borne fruit, with the Chinese government setting up its own police stations across the West in order to mass deport its own citizens back home.

This demonstrates that only a strong, centralised government can achieve the results of which democratic governments can only dream:

Beijing has set up overseas police outreach operations in more than 80 cities across the world, including one in Australia, as part of a global security push under President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

A report from international human rights group Safeguard Defenders released earlier this month revealed that Chinese police had set up overseas police service stations in countries including the United States, Japan, Spain and France.

The police stations have in some instances been called “110 Overseas” after China’s emergency hotline number.

The stations are affiliated with, and run by, local or municipal governments in China which have large numbers of Chinese nationals living abroad.

For example, the south-eastern city of Fuzhou, which has an estimated 3 million residents living overseas, has police overseas service stations in Prato, Italy and Barcelona, Spain.

Chinese authorities have said the stations, sometimes called “contact points”, provide services to citizens, such as renewing national identification cards, passports and drivers licences, by using facial recognition technology.

But human rights groups fear overseas police offices could also be used to target dissidents abroad or compel people to return to China where they could face potentially politicised trials.


Since the campaign launched in April 2021, 230,000 Chinese nationals have been “persuaded to return” home to face criminal prosecution, according to the Ministry of Public Security in China.

Based based based.

XYZ News is yet to confirm whether Box Hill Police Station, which raised the red flag to celebrate the CCP’s genocide of its class enemies in 2019 is connected to this network, or simply run by self hating antiwhite homosexual virtue signallers.

In all seriousness, while obviously this is a direct subversion of the sovereignty of Western nations by the Chinese government, this is no different to what America does. It has military bases all over the world.

I didn’t used to care about this when I thought that the American government represented the American people, and more broadly the interests of the Anglosphere and White people. However, now the American government explicitly represents anal sex for mutilated five year olds and the replacement of White people everywhere, and it is determined to export these values to the entire world.

Anybody who opposes this agenda of universal buttsex is forced out of work, loses their bank accounts, is branded a terrorist, imprisoned or just straight up murdered.

The Chinese government is merely an equally tyrannical system competing with the American empire. It does this through the Belt and Road Initiative, its wooing of Pacific Island nations and the establishment of police stations in Western countries.

Most importantly, both the Chinese government and the Chinese diaspora see themselves as colonists, not immigrants. They spread the Chinese commercial empire, Chinese culture and Chinese DNA wherever they go. Their intention is to make everywhere look like China, no matter how gross.

We in the West cannot expect our governments to deal adequately with Chinese encroachment on our territory, because they are both incompetent and dedicated to our replacement. However, viewing Chinese colonialism as colonialism is a crucial step in understanding the problem.

Many people who have been redpilled during the period of Covid Tyranny have become cognisant of the threat to our way of life posed by the Chinese government, but until they leave the Cosy Covid Corner and see race for what it is, they will not be able to effectively collectivise their activism to counter either the Chinese government or our own.

One last point on this, if you a a fellow Covid denier but think that we here at XYZ News are a bit too radical on the race issue. You may not “see race” but rest assured, every Chinese “immigrant” and every non-White “immigrant” who comes here does. With every non-White person we import, Australia becomes less full of White people who don’t see race and more full of non-White people who you non-racist Whites would consider to harbour “racist” ideas.

Do you feel enriched?

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