Food For Thought – Transgender Furry Satanist “Soldiers” REEEE Against Russia

Flags, fags and loving the bomb. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

I’ve refrained from talking too much about the Russia vs. Ukraine/NATO war going on over the last couple of months. Seeing the libtards reading The Age and cuckservatives reading the Newscorp papers (i.e. Herald Sun, The Australian) coalesce around the operation mockingbird “Russia bad” narrative has been about as stimulating a read as an opinion piece by Waleed Aly or Joe Hildebrand.

Russia, whose population is 81% ethnically Russian, dominates Duma representation in the region and ANTIFA feminist drag paedo groomers genuinely fear castration and/or death within its borders. By contrast how many NATO states are welcoming in infinity Dindus, stuffing their legislative branches of government with “diversity quotas” and letting ANTIFA feminist drag paedo groomers run wild?

Some people say that Putin’s latest rhetorical posturing about using nukes is proof that Russia is the aggressor in this conflict. If that’s the case maybe we should be asking ourselves about the manufactured insanity spanning the multiple color-revolutions in Ukraine since its Independence in 1991 (which until then had been under one form or another of Russian rule since the 18th century) as well as the nuclear Holocaust fetish of recent U.S. Presidents.

Meanwhile Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is happy to keep feeding Ukrainians through a literal meat-grinder, much like the Ukrainian genocide that the ADL and Simon Wiesenthal Center choose not to recognize on Israel’s behalf.

Seeing as though Zionist occupied America has waged more military actions since the neo-con Bush era, and the U.S. grip on Ukraine has been identified as the equivalent of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis for Russia, are we really surprised by this war?

With an American standing army full of transgender furry satanists, ostensibly positioned like a South Park tier ‘Operation Get Behind Darkie’, maybe there is a method to the madness in having NATO sponsored camo high heels on the ground in Ukraine?

Food For Thought.

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