Food For Thought – Tikkun Olam Is A Nuclear Holocaust

You can’t duck and cover from Tikkun Olam. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher.

Whiteness, aka White Supremacy, is typified by such things as the discovery of radioactivity by Marie Curie (French), the invention of the X-Ray by Wilhelm Roentgen (German), and the invention of the first nuclear reactor by Enrico Fermi (Italian).

Jewishness, aka Jewish Supremacy, is typified by such things as the invention of the atomic bomb by Robert Oppenheimer, the designing of nuclear reactors to convert uranium into weapons grade plutonium lead by Eugene Wigner, and the rocket attack against the Superphénix nuclear plant by Chaïm Nissim.

According to the book “Rise and Kill First” by Ronen Bergman, radioactive poisoning became a favorite assassination method of the Mossad, going so far as to implicate such notable gentile figures as Yasser Arafat as having been targeted by the Mossad’s Kidon department.

Previously I’d cited that President Donald Trump, who is deep in bed with the Kidon klan, hasn’t ruled out using nuclear weapons against the homelands of White Europeans. Similarly Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden, wouldn’t bat an eyelid in deploying nuclear capabilities against Whites globally (as well as any other gentile group that threatens the expansion of Israel).

Foundationally speaking the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam isn’t so much a “world repair” but rather a world destruction carried out by a micro-minority group of schizophrenic, Moloch worshipping, Mishnah devotees who have a hereditary dysphoria to the majority gentile world around them.

Question is do you want the White approach or the Jewish approach?

Food For Thought.

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