Dictator Dan to shut down Mickleham Concentration Camp


Turns out the Centre for National Resilience…….drum roll……wasn’t very resilient:

A half-billion dollar COVID-19 quarantine facility in Melbourne’s north will be closed after just eight months in operation following a drop in demand.

The Centre for National Resilience in Mickleham opened in February to house international travellers, frontline workers and Victorian community members, but housed just 2,168 residents.

It equates to a cost of more than $267,000 per resident during the quarantine hub’s life span.


The government said a decrease in COVID cases across the state had led to a drop in demand for quarantine accommodation at the site.

The facility will close next week, with a small number of staff working to shut down the site until it is handed back to the federal government at the beginning of next year.

They built concentration camps all around Australia, but then the directive came from our governments’ globalist masters to stop doing Covid, so now they have all these white elephants on their hands.

Police Minister Anthony Carbines defended the facility’s usefulness and said it would continue to be of use during future emergencies.

“The Victorian Quarantine Hub has served its purpose in keeping Victorians safe from COVID-19. Its closure is another step in our recovery from the pandemic,” Mr Carbines said.

“Australia needed these facilities before the pandemic first hit – but this important facility now exists as an insurance policy in the event of a future pandemic, or to provide accommodation in emergencies like natural disasters.”

I know I have made a big deal about this in the past, but at this point the pronouncements about how these camps will be useful in the future sound a lot less like forebodings of a future gulag archipelago and more like a cope.

Anyway, this closes another sad chapter in Australia’s violent history of racism and genocide. You can clearly see from the chimney that the building on the right was the crematorium, although some experts claim it was constructed after all the inmates had left.

XYZ News understands that up to six million Indian Uber drivers died at Mickleham before it was decommissioned. The Australian Business Council is consequently lobbying the government to increase its skilled migration cap.

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