The War Between Black And White Aboriginals

Lidia Thorpe (left) and Jacinta Price (right).

As predicted, the war between the bush black aboriginal nationalists and the city white aboriginal woke globalists has begun. Jacinta Price, representing black nationalists, leads the attack against Lidia Thorpe who represents the globalist antiwhite agenda.

Lidia Thorpe entered parliament with her fist in the air, channeling Marxist black power terrorist organisations such as the ANC, BLM, and The Weather Underground. City aboriginals bond by harbouring a vicious hatred for their White hosts but their solution for bush aboriginals is always to integrate and mix with Whites the way they did.

The city aboriginals need the bush aboriginals to maintain their status and government appointed leadership roles. The bush aboriginals recognise that the city aboriginals don’t have their best interests at heart. In fact, city aboriginals want to mix with White people and move up the social ladder by claiming aboriginality as a privilege title only.

City white aboriginals team up with white antiwhites to extract taxpayer funding usually for arts projects and antiwhite activism. Often they are able to redirect funding intended for isolated bush community development.

With the globalist antiwhite regime pushing to write White people out of the constitution and insert some kind of unelected, crony appointed aboriginal puppet overlord position, the bush aboriginals rightfully recognise that it’s more jobs and resources for the white aboriginals.

Australian patriots can relate to bush aboriginals. They love their people and don’t want them to go extinct. This is a natural and respectable position to hold. Aboriginal nationalists recognise that they require enough land to survive and thrive but if they are spread too thinly they will be erased over time. Jacinta Price actually wants to help her people overcome alcohol abuse, violence and dependency.

City aboriginals don’t care about their race and its survival. Being aboriginal is just a privilege title for them and they just want it all. They want all of Australia. The antiwhite regime sees an opportunity here where they can dispossess White people by controlling a small band of aboriginal overlords and to object would be ‘racist’.

The only way we can prevent the antiwhite regime from changing the constitution to further weaken White people is to polarise the two aboriginal sides in the struggle. One simple way to do this is to point out in every online forum that:

“If aboriginals don’t peacefully separate they will go extinct forever.”

Aboriginal nationalists agree with this statement but woke city aboriginals attack it and always say the same things:

”We have been here for 60,000 years so we won’t go extinct, we aren’t going anywhere.”

Then you post:

“Aboriginals make up just 3.3% of Australia’s population so if you don’t peacefully separate you will go extinct forever.”

Again the city aboriginals always post the same kind of response:

“You know that you don’t have to be black to be aboriginal don’t you? 60,000 years, we ain’t going nowhere. You just don’t want your grand children to be brown LOL Karma.”

To which you can respond:

”You are just a globalist tool in the war against white people but like I pointed out, you will be erased before we are because you only make up 3.3% of the population. You will go white before you go extinct.”

Remember it is very important to separate genuine black aboriginals from these white antiwhite aboriginals. The more their hypocrisy is exposed the more the genuine aboriginals can lay waste to their moral bankruptcy so the antiwhite government cannot use them to harm White children any longer.

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