Taking Joy in the Fall of the Church


Recently I added Harvey Millican’s website to my blogroll. I discovered him via Ann Barnhardt and he has quickly become one of my top daily reads and perusals. He trained as a priest but was not ordained; instead he has a large Catholic family which he leads in these turbulent times.

Over the last few weeks he has been outlining in detail the effects of the attacks on the Traditional Latin Mass by the nobodies in Rome. His post yesterday goes through some of the decrees and instructions issued by those seeking to destroy the TLM. These include the banning of any form of publicity of a TLM, including on social media; parishes must establish plans to wean off the faithful from the TLM; and an unaccredited source has it that new priests may not even learn the TLM.

Mr Millican is upset and understandably so. He has labored to build his community and family around his local church celebrating the TLM. This is a man who takes his faith very seriously, a man who attends Mass every day of the week.

But the Church as it stands is now completely of this world. It no longer is a conduit from God, but rather has been hollowed out by Freemasons and their handlers so that it is simply a skin suit that our enemies wear and parade around so as to torment us. It cannot be saved as it stands. Thus, to be rebuilt in His glory it must first fall.

The actions of the men in Rome are hastening that outcome. They are rushing headlong into their own demise, and even if they had an inkling of the real outcome of their actions, they would still be unable to stop. They are out of control. Which means that God is using them as He sees fit.

It is interesting to observe these events play out in the Church in real time as the West goes about its own implosion at the hands of its inept politicians, leaders and feckless populations. The two rotten structures are still firmly intertwined and thus they rush to their doom in a death grip of mutual self destruction.

Every time I read of yet another sure step towards the end of the Church as we know it I feel yet more joy and confidence in the hand of our Father who gives us all the medicine that we most need so as many of us as possible can reach Him of our own free will and accord.

And I believe that this is the most critical point of all. Those of us who are believers, who struggle with sin every day but who do our best to live our lives so as to please God, we are not the only ones in this game. It is all of those who have not yet been able to come to the truth who need His help the most. The Church as it stands cannot provide this lifeline to those multitudes. So it must fall. But in the act of its falling, in the great drama and tragedy of the death of the West, then so many more will turn to Him than would ever have done so if these events had not transpired.

So if you are in despair, instead be full of gratitude for your privileged position as an esteemed audience member for God’s great drama as He effortlessly brings forth creative acts through the works of men, nay, of our enemies, whom we all must love as per His words. Those midwit managers in Rome are really doing God’s work, they just don’t know it. Don’t fight the ride, take joy from it. It’s an inspiring time to be alive.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.