Footage of Facemask Frightbat goes Viral


Independent MP Monique Ryan has been roundly mocked for drumming up Covid Hysteria in federal parliament in Canberra. Footage of her haranguing Coalition interjectors to put their masks on has made her a laughing stock:

What makes this so hilarious is that she thinks it was a cutting comeback. The comments section thinks otherwise:

It just goes on like this.

The point is that the coordinated assault on Western civilisation by globalist institutions under the pretext of a pandemic has already cost millions of lives, not from Covid but from the poison prescribed as the solution. Post “vaccine” rollout, births are down and deaths are up worldwide.

The mockery Ryan is currently receiving must be a mere prelude to the showtrials and public, televised punishments to follow.

To help push this process along, XYZ News has sent an undercover reporter to Monique Ryan’s home, where we have gained this exclusive footage:

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