White supremacy is love: White guilt is hate


If you love your own father more than you love my father, does that mean that you hate my father? And if you hate my father is the best way to make you stop hating my father to make you hate your own father even more than you hate mine?

Does the above sound stupid to you? It should and yet it is the exact same argument used on white people against their race.

If you love your race more than you love Asians, Aboriginals, Arabs, Africans, Jews, Indians, Red Indians, Polynesians,etc then you must be a “white supremacist” and do nothing except obsess over how to make below ground gas chambers (with wooden doors that open outwards, with a heavier than air insecticide) functional. Obviously you must be a genocidal maniac and literally Hitler and the only way to deal with you is to bombard your entire race from cradle to the grave about what a horrible extended family you have and let you know that you should hate yourself and everyone that looks even remotely like you.

Of course the best way for you to have love and respect for my father is to first love your own. To hold him on a pedestal and tell him he’s the greatest Dad in the world. Now, sure, when we were children this occasionally resulted in a little playground “my Dad’s better than your Dad” scuffles, but generally we soon learned the lesson that our classmates looked up to their fathers just as much as we looked up to our own.

In similar vein we respect cultures, Nations and races that respect themselves. We learn that we are different and that people value different things about themselves and their heritage than we value in our own. We believe our traits to be superior, but we enjoy seeing the love others have for their own. We visit others. We respect because they show respect and reverence for their own and we invite others to come and visit us that we can share with them our love for our homes, families, cultures, Nations and races. Then we go home and they go home and our love for our own is only enriched by our appreciation of others.

Did you ever come back from a great stay at your friend’s house and say “Dad I hate you”? At worst you would have wished your Dad to be better. To have some of the qualities that your friend’s Dad had. Because deep down our fundamental desire is for our Dad to be the best Dad. There is nothing more heartbreaking than to have a shitty parent. Just like there is nothing more soul destroying than to have a shitty Nation. But if you had a shitty father, when the playground game of “my Dad is better than your Dad” came up, my bet is that you proclaimed your father’s greatness just as hard as everyone else. If that was not the case, then it’s time to rectify this. We all remember kids from bad homes who had no loyalty to them. It was their attitude not their circumstances that kept them low. Change your attitude to your parents and find things to honour in them, if this was you.

We should view our race as the best race in the world, to anyone and everyone who talks to us about it. Just because white people are generally a bunch of cowardly self centred cattle at the moment, is like saying a Fremantle Docker fan should stop viewing their team as the best in the league just because they’ve barely ever made the finals, much less won anything. Do you think a Dockers fan doesn’t appreciate other teams? Do you think they don’t know their own teams shortcomings? Do they still think their team is the greatest team in the world? The same should be true of your parents just as the same should be true of your race.

If someone asks you who’s Dad is better, the answer should always be “my Dad!” If someone says “are you a white supremacist?” The answer should always be “Yes! White people are the best!” Most importantly if a black man or an Asian or an African, etc is asking then you should not respect him unless he says “rubbish my race is better”. You start by loving your own.

Only by affirming the best in yours can you have respect for the best in others. White supremacy is love. White guilt is hate.

You can find Stephen Wells at Telegram and purchase his books here.