SUPERJAB: New Vaccine Will OBLITERATE Covid Forever…..


The best liars know that the key to lying when you get caught lying is to just keep on lying:

As Australia endures another wave of COVID-19 infection, researchers are racing to develop a “super jab” to help better protect the public from the virus and its emerging variants.

Currently in Australia, experts say the Omicron BA.5 variant is accounting for almost half of all COVID-19 cases.

However, scientists at the University of Sydney are working to develop a single vaccination shot in the hope it will offer protection against future variants.

The team has been examining around 20 different options for the vaccine, and are hoping the potential treatments will be tested in human trials in Australia from early next year.

Researcher and virologist at the University of Sydney, Dr Megan Steain, told Sunrise the new jab will be “vital” in Australia’s battle against the virus.

“What we are looking at doing is combining some key features of existing variants that we have seen as well as looking at viruses that circulate in nature and working out a way to combine those into a single component,” she said.

“Then that will go into a vaccine and be able to train your immune system to recognise and fight all of these different variants, and therefore hopefully protect us against any future variants that emerge.”

We don’t believe you. We’ve heard it all before.

After the superjab, they’ll tout the megajab, then the ultramega jab, the superdoopermegawhirlyjab, it’ll just be never ending.

Just because it’s crazy doesn’t mean they won’t try it. They are prepping us for a “superjab” even though they are facing throwing out somewhere in the vicinity of 140 million doses:

Health officials and experts are assessing what to do with the tens of millions of COVID-19 vaccines Australia has purchased but does not need, with concerns some may simply go to waste.

Of the roughly 255 million vaccine doses the federal government has purchased, less than a quarter — roughly 60 million — have been administered around the country.

A further roughly 40 million doses have been donated around the Indo-Pacific region.

Some vaccine supplies, particularly Novavax, have hardly been touched.

Remember when they were promoting Novovax as the vaccine the anti-vaxxers were waiting for?

We simply don’t believe you. The Poms have already come up with the perfect use for all those unused jabs:

The not-vaccines are causing fertility issues for both men:

And women:

Germany, Taiwan and Japan are all reporting big drops in their already low birthrates:

Spikes in the death rate are being reported in Australia and the Phillipines:

These datapoints are useful for ordinary people to dismantle the lies presented by the Lying Press and our lying governments, and to assure us that refusing the not-vaccines regardless of the consequences was the right thing to do. It will not stop our governments from continuing to do what they’re told.

A memo was passed around in early 2022 and every government in the world lifted its vaccine mandates and mask mandates within a matter of months of each other. The proxy war against the Ukraine helped distract normies but its power of distraction is waning. Covid Tyranny will return eventually, they’re just biding their time. Note that they are pushing for the return of mask mandates both here in Australia where it is winter:

And America where it is summer:

They’re still coordinating this. The only way to break free of Covid Tyranny is to bring down the entire system of Liberal Democracy which currently dominates the (((Western))) Empire.

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