Love your enemy: But your enemy is still your enemy


A few months ago, not long after I had been sacked for refusing to let myself be injected with poison, I met a young Jewish girl. She also had been sacked for not taking the vaccine and we were both reduced to picking grapes over the summer to get money. Her mother was organising protests in the South West against the mandates and her family had left Israel about 10 years before to get away from the constant conflicts of war.

She was not quite 18 and didn’t have a driver’s licence so I found out all the above information because I gave her a lift to and from the vineyard one day, after the workers all met up at 5.30am at the labour hire company office to be allocated a worksite. She was pleasant, friendly and I treated her with kindness and respect.

Does this change anything?


I am commanded by God to love my enemy. That is to treat them exactly the same way I wish to be treated and the same as I would treat a member of my own family. But Jews as a collective are still my enemy. I do not want to live under their rule, I do not want them having positions of power or influence in the country I live in and I don’t want any part of their Globalist and Central Banking financial system. I reject their God, I reject their lies about the Holocaust. I don’t want them in charge of the news that my brethren get shown on TV, etc, etc.

But what about this girl and her family individually?

What about them? I don’t hate them. I don’t know them. Maybe they are genuinely fighting against tyranny. Maybe a cynic would be right and they are just more controlled opposition. Who cares? Maybe the dyed hair of the young Jewish girl was a clear giveaway to the degeneracy of her race. Maybe her hair has everything to do with just fitting in like any non Jew. Again, who cares? Doesn’t change my desire to live in an exclusively Anglo/Saxon/Celtic country where the only religion allowed to be publicly practiced is Christianity. Where minorities are real minorities and where such minorities are barred from participating in the decisions of the country or holding positions of influence.

I must admit that the cynical thoughts were running rife within me when we were chatting, but love your enemy has nothing to do with our prejudices or concerns. It’s about not going out of your way to be a dick to people. You don’t have to trust a person to treat them with kindness and respect. That costs nothing. It’s what the collective represents that is my issue, not any particular individual who fits the label within it.

As for the charge that all of us racist, White supremacist, anti Semite, bigots and just Ku Klux Klan members in waiting, hoods, robes and rope in the boot of every car; well I’m sure there are some amongst us. Some who would never give a Jew or a Negro a lift in their car unless it was to take them somewhere to murder. But in the end there are only two things you can do to limit such behaviour. One, you have rule of law, which applies equal punishment for all real crimes (physical harm and theft). The other is to have separate Nations where the opportunity to do nasty things to people of different races and religions is limited by the lack of close proximity to such people to do it to. It’s funny, but there was no racism in my school growing up, because there was only one race attending it.

I’m tired of the impulse I have to keep pointing out to White people that might read this that you don’t have to be full of hate to be a White Nationalist. But I’m also equally tired of the pressure to distance myself from people in this movement who may be full of hate and thoughts of violence based on race and religion. I can’t say I’ve met many, but I’m sure they exist. Give people a valid reason to hate, then for some inexplicable reason more people will hate. Take away all reasons to hate and some people will still hate regardless. I can’t change that, neither can anyone else, despite the lies in our current society that try and claim otherwise.

What we can do is take away the legitimate grievances, and multiculturalism being pushed on us is a legitimate grievance. Jews spearheading the agenda is also something the ones with power and influence boast about amongst themselves, so don’t be surprised if Jews more broadly get the focus of blame for those grievances. Same is true for other goals of the Globalist Agenda.

So don’t come bashing down my door if a White person acts up. I didn’t radicalise him, YOU DID! I’m the one giving lifts to work to Jews, remember? The same Jew YOU just had sacked for failing to comply, by the way.

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