Channel 9 reporter Lana Murphy apologises for blasphemy


Pro-baby murder rallies were held in Melbourne and Sydney last Saturday. While Melbourne’s protest naturally descended into violence given the proliferation of Marxists among the attendees, Channel 9 reporter Lana Murphy committed violence of a more infernal nature at the Sydney rally.

Incredibly, not only did she commit blasphemy by brandishing a sign which stated “The Virgin Mary should’ve been aborted”, but she felt safe enough in her sin that she tweeted it to the world. She was rightly slammed:

It is an indication of the hatred these people have for Christ, and of the Godlessness of the Lying Press in general that she thought she could get away with it. Refreshingly, she was forced to issue an apology:

“In my role as a journalist I always strive to remain impartial and respectful to either side of rational debate.

“On Saturday, while reporting on the pro-choice rally, I was photographed being passed a sign made by one of the attendees.

“The words on the sign and my subsequent posting of that image on my personal social media account has caused offence to some in the religious community.

“This was not my intention, and I wholeheartedly apologise to those that were hurt.

“I acknowledge that in my professional role, it was not the appropriate time to appear to have chosen any side.”

How’s that for a serotonin rush. Almost makes you want to join a Twitter mob to see if you can bully people into apologies on a regular basis, but for good rather than evil…

Incredibly, Channel 9 felt compelled to follow this up with an apology of its own:

“On the weekend a 9 News journalist posted an image to her personal social media account that caused offence to some members of the community,” the statement read.

“The journalist did not mean to cause any offence, but has been counselled on why the post was not appropriate.

“9 News apologises to anyone offended by the post.

“We respect all sides of this sensitive issue and pride ourselves on reporting with impartiality.”

Regardless of the apologies, it is telling that an Australian journalist tweeted this in the first place. The apology was in no way genuine, she has only put it up there because she had to. It is representative of the zeitgeist among journalists, who long ago became Marxist, anti-Christian activists.

James Fox Higgins has summarised the situation very well:

It would take a great deal of self control for me to not slap the face of anyone who says a child (ANY child) “should have been aborted”. I might forgive them if they said it about themselves. But to say it about another living human, even a bad one, is just dark, twisted, and a confession of a godless heart.

I just don’t know if I’d have that patience for someone saying Lord Jesus should have been aborted. You want God dead? Moreover, you fantasise about the blessed Theotokos committing infanticide, patricide, and theocide all at once? You need a smack in the face, as a mercy, really. Friends don’t let friends make enemies of God, right?

But to those who belong to the world today, God is just a joke. They don’t really hate Him, or want Him dead, because they don’t believe in Him. It’s all the superstitious woo-woo of primitive pre-Enlightenment cavemen, right? But even their Satanist overlords, who installed their godless worldview in them, believe in Jesus. The average Australian just doesn’t care about God, doesn’t think about Him, believe in Him, or think these things are worth wasting thought on. There’s important drinking, gambling, and sports watching to do, of course.

They won’t be laughing when they meet Him face to face. I just hope they retain enough purity of spirit to confess and repent before Him. He’ll make the right call as to whether they should be eternally aborted to hellfire, or they should be forgiven and admitted to the Kingdom.

I won’t make any placards suggesting my preference. Would be un-Christian. Jesus knows what to do. I’ll just focus on controlling the face-slapping urge for these awful blasphemers.

Finally, before we get too carried away at this slight cultural pushback, it is possible that Murphy and Channel 9 were not so scared of Christians as they were of Muslims. In 2019, Kyle Sandilands was forced to apologise for blaspheming the Virgin Mary after an angry mob of muslims turned up at his radio studio.

But hey that’s just part and parcel of living in a big, multicultural city.

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