Some points for Living


I saw on Gab the following list of points:

1. Assume everything every authority ever told you was a lie meant to weaken you personally as well as our entire people.
2. Eat fat for calories. Avoid starches as much as possible. Treat High Fructose Corn Syrup and Soy like they’re poison, because they’re actual poison.
3. Eat meat. Fun fact: cabbage helps with testosterone.
4. Try eating once per day. Never snack under any circumstances.
5. Do hard physical work, preferably outside. Anything. Offer to carry your old neighbor’s groceries in if nothing else. Anything physical helps.
6. Sunshine cleans the mind as well as the body. If you’re not getting enough, drink milk. You’re not allergic to milk. They lied to you about that too.
7. Raising children is the single most effective cause of life satisfaction you will ever experience. It’s not difficult. EVERYTHING THEY EVER TOLD YOU IS A LIE. Fertility is down because people are afraid to have children. Do it anyway. People were having children while scratching potatoes out of the ground and living in a 100 sq.ft. leaky shack. YOU’LL BE FINE. YOU WILL BE A GOOD PARENT. THEY PSYOPPED YOU. HATE THEM FOR WHAT THEY’VE DONE TO YOU.
8. You can improve your entire life by assuming they want you dead. You. Personally. They want YOU dead. Fight them. You are worthy of living. Be prepared for the fight to the death that’s coming.

If this had been posted just a few short years ago there would have been much argument over the validity of points such as these. Today, nobody is arguing. At least, nobody worth listening to. I’m going to give my thoughts on each of them.

Point 1 is massively on target, and something that I have been preaching for a long time. The same clowns who proclaimed never to trust anyone over 30 have proven to be the greatest generation of liars to grace the globe. And as I have often stated, the knowledge that everything that they say is a lie makes navigating their traps very straightforward. Vox Day has a great post on this very point with regards to interpreting the news.

Point 2 – eat fat for calories. Yes, yes and yes. They don’t want you to eat fat, so see point 1. Fat fills you up quickly and goes to the places in your body that need it with minimum fuss. Starch and carbs are the opposite of this. But anyway, you shouldn’t be eating to the point where you feel full unless it’s a special celebration.

Point 3 tells us to eat meat, but you can add fish to that, of course. They don’t want us to eat meat, see point 1, (See why I like this list?) Meat is pure protein, but make sure to get the best meat you can. I wrote about how to cook a steakquite a few years back, but I have progressed since then, so I will need to update it with some improvements.

But cabbage helps with testosterone? You don’t say? I wonder who has written the definitive guide to preparing the most awesome cabbage ever?

Point 4 is about eating once per day, or at least just trying it. This is great advice, because it is the ability to let your body metabolism rest on occasion that sets you in really good stead for good health. You can include periodic fasting with this as well. I will often fast on a Friday, and then wait to break my fast at lunch on the Saturday. So that is Thursday night to Saturday lunch time without eating. It’s really not that hard at all, once you get past the first twangs of hunger on Friday around 1pm.

Point 5 on physical work is also right on target. Haven’t they spent years denigrating those that work with their hands? And didn’t so many people go and become members of the laptop class, chasing their “careers” of sending emails and filling out spreadsheets? Get outside, smell the clean air, push some rubber downhill as I used to say.

Point 6 is on milk and sunshine. Real milk, unpasteurised milk is awesome. Hard to get in places like Australia. So move to the country and get yourself a couple of cows. They don’t need to be milked at 4am, that’s another lie too. They’ll adapt to your schedule. And if one of them looks at you funny, then you better have a deep freezer.

Sunshine, oh sunshine. They have spent decades lying to us about sunshine. Yeah, too much can kill you. Too much of anything will do that, so what? You need sunshine, and not after slobbering buckets of white chemical goop over yourself that they have told you is mandatory in order to go outside, (see point 1 again).

Point 7 is the most important. I’m 50 and don’t have any kids that I know of, but guys can still get round to this one. And many people are waking up to the fact that with kids, more is better. Because the older ones will look after the younger ones. You know, like with a real family? And not that nuclear family bullshit, see point 1.

And so to point 8. Yes, they want you dead. And me, and most everyone that you know. Because they are not the elite; they are members of a grand cult of death, and their every desire is to supplant God. And that’s the only point that’s missing from the list, and it needs to go at the very beginning. That there is a God, a Christian God, and his laws are sacrosanct, and that those laws come from the heart, and without them we devolve to a point where someone has to post some points on Gab that should be basic damn facts for anyone with half a brain, but instead we have fallen so very far that we need to have them clobbered over our fat disbelieving faces so that some of us have a chance at waking the hell up.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.