PAKISTAN COUP: USA Ousts Pro-Putin Imran Khan


Former Pakistani cricket champion Imran Khan has been ousted as Prime Minister of Pakistan for aligning his country with Russia since the invasion of the Ukraine:

Imran Khan has been ousted as prime minister of Pakistan after losing a no-confidence motion in parliament. 

Pakistan’s lower house of parliament voted in favour of removing him from office following a nearly 14-hour stand-off between the opposition and Mr Khan’s ruling party that started on Saturday morning.

The former cricketer had tried to block the motion from going ahead by dissolving parliament, but that was ruled unconstitutional by Pakistan’s highest court.

After a late-night session of parliament, a majority of MPs voted for the resolution to remove Mr Khan as the country’s leader.

Opposition parties were able to secure 174 votes in the 342-member house in support of the no-confidence motion, the house speaker said, making it a majority vote.

There were just a few legislators of Mr Khan’s ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party present for the process.

The vote means Mr Khan will no longer hold office and the country’s lower house will now elect a new prime minister and government.

The Pakistani parliament’s lower house will meet on Monday to vote for a new prime minister, the acting speaker said.

The manner in which Imran Khan was deposed has the veneer of democratic process to it, however the fact that the courts ruled against him and that so few of his own Party members showed up for the vote hints at an unseen hand:

The announcement of the vote’s result on Sunday came after multiple adjournments in the lower house caused by members of Khan’s party, who said there was a foreign conspiracy to oust the cricket star-turned-politician.

Khan, 69, surged to power in 2018 with the military’s support but recently lost his parliamentary majority when allies quit his coalition government.

There were also signs he had lost the support of the military, analysts said.

America has had very close ties with the Pakistani military for decades, ties which were crucial during the War on Terror. Rest assured they would know who to tap on the shoulder to achieve Regime Change via “democratic” means:

In an impassioned speech on Friday, Mr Khan doubled down on his accusations that his opponents colluded with the United States to unseat him over his foreign policy choices, which often seemed to favour China and Russia and defied the US.

Mr Khan said Washington opposed his February 24 meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin hours after tanks rolled into Ukraine, launching a devastating war in the heart of Europe.

The US State Department has denied any involvement in Pakistan’s internal politics.

Deputy State Department spokeswoman Jalina Porter told reporters on Friday there was “absolutely no truth to these allegations.”

Still, Mr Khan urged his supporters to take to the streets, particularly the youth, who have been the backbone of his support since the former cricket star, then a conservative Islamist politician, came to power in 2018.

He said they needed to protect Pakistan’s sovereignty and oppose US dictations.

The American Regime has responded to the War in the Ukraine by attempting to lay siege to Russia. In addition to sanctions, it has confiscated Russia’s foreign currency reserves and cut it off from the international financial system. Russia was preparing for this siege for almost a decade and has developed its own financial infrastructure to allow it to continue business.

Russia has reestablished the Gold Standard, demanded payment for its oil and gas in Rubles and has increased its trade with Central Asian countries in its region. This threatens the monopoly of the US dollar in the international energy trade and lays the groundwork for a superpower bloc at the centre of the world comprising about 3 billion people.

Given the Regime is $30 trillion in (official) debt, American policymakers have openly stated they are concerned about maintaining the US petrodollar monopoly, and have started chipping away at the edges of this Central Asian power bloc. Saudi Arabia, which a few weeks ago expressed interest in trading in Rubles, promptly suffered a missile attack against an oil installation near its Grand Prix track just before the race.

They have been awfully quiet about the Ruble since. A Realist would acknowledge that those pesky Yemeni rebels may have had a little help.

This is the context in which we should view the ouster of Imran Khan. The American Regime is picking off Russia’s allies one by one in order to tighten the siege. It’s fascinating stuff. We are literally watching a modern day, real life game of thrones in real time, (only with even more degeneracy.)

Regardless of who wins, we would do well to heed Adam Piggott’s advice to get our affairs with God in order.

One last comment on Imran Khan. He was the toast of the West’s Lying Press in the previous decade, when the media’s prime concern was to convince Europe’s civilians that all the blowback terrorist bombings and beheadings were their fault for not accepting their replacement silently. A marriage with a glamorous White woman was even set up to encourage White women to make Kalergi babies with their foreign conquerers. Naturally the marriage fell apart when Imran didn’t let Jemima whore it up as much as she wanted. Jemima’s gone back to using her maiden name:

Goldsmith? Okay, let’s do an early life check:

Born at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, England, Goldsmith is the eldest child of Lady Annabel Vane-Tempest-Stewart and financier Sir James Goldsmith (1933–1997). Her mother, from an aristocratic Anglo−Irish family, is the daughter of the 8th Marquess of Londonderry. Goldsmith’s father was the son of a luxury hotel tycoon and former Conservative Member of Parliament (MP), Major Frank Goldsmith, who was a member of the Goldsmith family of German−Jewish descent.[5] Her paternal grandmother was French.

I don’t know why I bother.

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