Food For Thought – Kosher Defamation Word Salad

Why can’t they make Psyops a little less pure? Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Still can’t get this frigging Depp-Heard defamation dog and pony show out of my fragile little brain, it’s buried in like a chigger.

From Salon:

Right-wing media is smart to invest this much in the false narratives defending Depp because misogyny is the perfect gateway to lead young white men towards a more expansive constellation of reactionary politics. Get them in the door with a story about how feminism and #MeToo have “ruined” women, and then hit them with a larger narrative about the “great replacement,” “critical race theory,” and other conspiracy theories the increasingly fascist right-wing media is using to radicalize their audiences.

The “Right-wing media” using Depp vs Heard to tangentially push the “great replacement” and “white nationalism” isn’t the work of your XYZ but rather the machiavellian grand designs of kippah wearing lawyer and commentator Ben Shapiro, who reportedly spent $35,000 USD on ads opportunistically capitalising off team Depp support.

The Jew who was in Amber Heard’s ear early on was Robert Kaplan, the ADL awarded attorney who prosecuted the Charlottesville Sines v Kessler civil case.

This two pronged distraction has managed to misdirect public focus from more pressing kosher crimes with schizophrenic tabloid inducing gender wars, which will keep goyim shiksas and sheigetz refraining from forming healthy relationships in fear that some glamour brat will take a crap on your side of the bed.

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