Food For Thought – The Radical Agenda Behind Sines v. Kessler


The Charlottesville civil case known as Sines v. Kessler is currently being heard before a Federal court in Virginia, and ostensibly this is what it boils down to:

The Charlottesville civil case, colloquially termed “Kaplan’s conspiracy”, is being pursued by affluent Jewish Left-wing lawyers (i.e. Roberta Kaplan and co.) against indigent pro se White defendants in an attempt by said affluent plaintiffs to subvert the constitution of America further in favor of Antifa Jew oxygen thieves.

The greatest hurdle to this radical agenda being sought by obese lesbian lawyer Roberta Kaplan is her arch nemesis Christopher Cantwell, whose opening statement in the case can be read here.

Kaplan, who ostensibly is just some tepid off brand generic cola when it comes to actual fair dinkum working class integrity, is contrasted by classic coke tier Cantwell.

You might say this is how the proceedings appear to the average normal punter at this point…

However the bloated Goliath Roberta Kaplan isn’t betting on the stone of truth being slung by the David tier defendants to have an impact. Kaplan is betting that the disinformation that has been disseminated by her mates in the lying corporate controlled mainstream media for the last four years on the matter will be the winning strategy.

Kaplan also takes solace in knowing she has unbridled establishment support, particularly from a zealous coterie of kosher certified liberal politicians, black bloc street thugs, and plutocratic money masters.

Meanwhile if the Radical Agenda of Christopher Cantwell were to win out it would set a much needed precedent in the American legal system so average Right of center activists can take to the streets without having their rights trampled on by the golems of the Zionist Occupation Government.

Food For Thought.

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