The Traditional Man is Christian


We begin with Christianity, because Christianity is the beginning and the end of everything. Without it, we are lost. With it, we have hope that we will be rewarded by our faith. Everyone who comes to God comes to Him in a different way. The manner in which you find God is intended by Him. Your path enables you to progress in this world of schooling.

Reading this, you have either turned to God, or you are wavering either way, or you find satisfaction in the belief that this talk of religion is all fairy stories for childlike men. Know that the vast majority of men of the past two thousand years were ardent followers of Christ. It is our smug conceit of the modern age to believe that we are better than those who came before us. This lie is propagated by The System, and it is entirely effective in many varied ways, the present topic only being a single example.

But this is a guide for traditional men, so how could such a man not believe in Christ? The modern age might hold many material advantages, but in a social and spiritual sense it is like a desolate plain in a scorched landscape.

The traditional man knows that there are two worlds – the physical and the spiritual. He knows that of the two the latter is by far the most important. What use is enjoyment in this brief lifetime in the face of eternal damnation? You would have to be a fool to make that choice.

There are countless numbers of fools.

Just as a multitude of angels rejected God, so too does man who was created in the image of God reject his maker. The fallen angels crave company. Over the past two hundred years there has been a whole lot of rejecting and very little following. And thus we arrive at our modern troubles, the root of which is this rejection of God.

But it is not enough to follow Christ. The Church belongs to God but it is administered by men. Thus it is prone to failure, and in as many and varied ways as man is capable of screwing things up. Pointing to the failure of men in the Church and its history and projecting this onto God betrays an astounding lack of perspicacity, as well as a complete and total misunderstanding of how God granted men freedom to act and to think.

Part of the failure of the Church has been its infiltration and subjugation, as well as the attacks which have seen it splintered into many pieces which contain some trappings but no real spiritual connection with God. It is enough to know to return to the source, to where the Church began. Everything else is folly and false paths, deliberately put in place to entrap the unwary, and their unfortunate descendants.

The System, using the dangers and traps of the modern world, seeks to alienate us from God and from our social birthright. Loneliness is the mark of our time. But loneliness does not equate with being physically alone; you can have a wife and several children, many friends and associates and you can be as lonely and alienated as a prisoner rotting on death row. The quality of your connections is the key to determining how you fit.

Your most important connection, your most critical relationship, is with God. If you get that right then you will never be alone, and you will not suffer loneliness. You will be equipped with the weapons that you need to survive and prosper in this world. Faith, belief, hope, patience and perseverance. And these can never be taken away from you. They might be able to control your body, but never your spirit. Not unless you allow them; not unless you willingly give it to them.

The System will entice you with false promises and the trappings of modern life. It will place you in situations where you will be forced to make hard choices. But the choices are only hard if you value what the System offers. Once you understand, once you have faith, then you can let it go. That’s what actual freedom is. The freedom that comes with the embrace of responsibility towards God and His laws. And those laws are your guide to how you must act in this fallen world. Everything else is smoke and mirrors, at best. Most of it is a direct route to damnation.

Your forefathers were Christian. Those that made it look upon you even now. Those that failed have other things to worry about. Which group do you wish to join? Perhaps you are content with your lot in this modern age; comfortable in the warm embrace of that which you now value. I have no desire to change you, nor conceit to do so. For only God can help you in that regard.

I myself was helplessly turned away from God, or so I thought. He created just the right personal crisis to enable me to reexamine my priorities. I am not unique in that regard, just one of so many who needed His grace, patience and wisdom to finally turn to Him of their own accord. Because of those circumstances, now I am alone but I suffer no loneliness. On the contrary, my life has been turned upside down and not just for the better, but for my salvation. And to make me a worthy instrument of God. Which is what we should all desire to be.

The traditional man is Christian.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.