Racist SBS insists migrants learn English

Learn to speak Aussie, infidel.

Decades of SBS advocacy for mass replacement immigration, diversity and multiculturalism was merely a front. They were “owning the left” by adopting all of their policies, all the while playing secret nazi:

Thousands of migrants previously barred from attending free English classes in Australia could once again face challenges to learning the language under a new funding model proposed by the Coalition.

The federally-funded Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) was expanded last year under new legislation to give all migrants the opportunity to learn vocational English.

This is blatant, unmitigated racism from SBS. Why do migrants to Australia have to learn English? We live in a multicultural society which is enriched by new languages. Given the narratives of colonialism embedded in the very fabric of the English language, surely we should integrate into the new cultures which non-English speakers bring to us, not the other way around.

SBS’s faux-concern for the funding of English lessons exposes its own unconscious bias:

But a new funding model, due to come into effect next year, “pretty well undoes all the good things that have been done” says a peak body representing those who teach it.

According to the AMEP Revised Business Model, publicly available on the Home Affairs website, funding to providers who teach AMEP would be tied to outcomes, such as assessments and the successful completion of units of study.

It says providers will receive funding for initial student assessment, then on a percentage payment schedule for unit milestones, including a 20 per cent loading for successful completion.

LOL okay I can’t keep up the sarcasm any longer. They are literally freaking out because the government wants to make the funding English classes conditional on its students learning English. The argument being presented here is not “the government is taking away funding for English classes” so much as “the government is insisting that English classes actually teach English”.

There are so many layers of irony here. I have lampooned the SBS headline as “racist”, however they are actually arguing the direct opposite of what they say they are arguing for – they are basically saying that migrants shouldn’t have to try to learn English, but the government should still fund their ineffective classes.

Naturally, SBS and the grifters interviewed are trying to flip the blame:

There will be additional loading for students from a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) background, living with disability or in regional and remote locations.

“Which in plain language means handing out certificates for passing people,” said Helen Moore, the Australian Council of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Association vice president.

She says it will put pressure on teachers to pass people who haven’t met standards, double their administration load and create unnecessary stress for students, many of whom are in a process of recovering from trauma.

It will also take away from the settlement focus of the program, which aims to help students understand and operate in Australian culture.

This is an admission that rather than making people work harder to learn English or to try harder to teach them, they will just pass them to ensure their own continued funding. This is standard bureaucratic procedure – results don’t matter, all that matters is that the money keeps flowing. Thus we witness in real time how a bureaucracy by its very nature must expand while sliding further left.

The final layer of irony is that the government should not fund English lessons for migrants at all. For the sake of our people, we do not want migrants to learn English, or to make any attempt to integrate into our culture. Migrants are bad for our people, regardless of whether or not they learn English, because the government is replacing us with migrants. We want migrants to be as different from us as possible, so that when the time comes for us to send them back to their homelands, the decision is as natural and logical as possible.

The harder they try to be something they are not, the more they dilute their own blood with ours, the messier and more painful this process will be for all of us. So-called “integration” is code for genocide. “Integration” destroys the uniqueness of culture and purity of bloodline of migrant and native alike.

So-called “racism”, ie in-group preference which prevents so-called “integration”, is thus a more caring long term policy.

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