How to respond to a Vaccine Mandate from your employer: Part 4


I have published my interactions with my former employer over the vaccine mandates. I have reported on my sacking, published E mails I’ve sent them. Now I’ve made a settlement with them and I’m moving on. The battle has come to a conclusion, the war goes on elsewhere.

Most of the way through this process I have been threatening managers left right and centre with execution for crimes against humanity. I have ranted and raved, shouted and screamed, abused and sworn, at every person who followed their orders as the cogs of the system ground on relentlessly.

I knew from the start I couldn’t win. My goal was to make these people’s lives a misery. Have them all worrying about having to spend time defending themselves in court. At least punish them in some way.

The limits of that goal were made apparent when my company’s lawyers moved to have my case dismissed on the grounds that it had no chance of success and was vexatious in nature. It looked like I wouldn’t even get to court much less win anything. I knew if they got a ruling of “vexatious claim” on the record, then any subsequent claim in a different court could simply be met with the ruling from the previous court and I would be blocked again. I could withdraw from my current fight in the Fair Work Commission before the case was dismissed and open up a new case in another court and keep wasting time withdrawing at the last minute, but even that tactic would fail sooner or later.

In the second conciliation meeting was arbitrated by the deputy president of the FWC. She informed me that so far 17 vaccine cases for unfair dismissal had gone all the way to judgement. All 17 had lost. Two had managed to get some compensation due to failure to follow proper procedure, but she informed me that my employer had crossed it’s t’s and dotted its i’s.

More than anything else though I realised that this process was bringing me down. My company was no different than 99% of businesses in Australia in the crimes they were committing. Did I really want to make futilely harassing them the focus of the rest of my life? At the end of the day, their only crime against me was sacking me. Their real crimes were perpetrated against the people who still work there. And as I have no respect for anyone who took the jab out of fear of losing their job, why was I trying to get justice for them? Let them file their own compensation claims in between heart attacks.

Despite all of the above I wasn’t happy with the thought of settling. Money wasn’t the issue. What I realised that I wanted, was an apology. What was driving my rage was that not a single person who was enforcing the orders had the guts to acknowledge that what they were doing was wrong and that they were doing it out of cowardice and fear of losing their own jobs.

Obviously that was never going to happen. I was never going to get anyone to repent and change their ways by coming after them and ultimately that was the only thing I really wanted. For just one person who has been a part of this to repent and join the fight. Because that would give me hope. That would make doing the right thing in the face of likely defeat in my lifetime, just that little bit easier to handle.

The FWC process couldn’t achieve much more. I had started with no offers of any compensation. But over four months of process and my former employer just wanted things over. In the first conciliation meeting they offered a little. In between they had offered me some more. At the second conciliation meeting I decided to throw out a number, just a bit more than their last offer. If they refused, I would carry on and not accept any more offers. If they accepted then I would take their willingness to compromise as the nearest thing to an apology that I was likely to get.

They accepted.

I got off the conference call numb. I can’t say I was happy, or sad or relieved or upset. Just numb. It took me a few days to process.

I decided to write one final E mail to my enemy.

One that didn’t scheme with tactics and attempts at manipulating him into doing what I wanted. An Email from my heart and soul. An E mail to my God as much as to my enemy. I needed tell this man why he was my enemy and I needed to apologise to him and forgive him. Most of all I needed to put this into God’s hands and move on. I had gained a tiny amount of ground in the war, but it was time to move to a different battlefield. Below is a copy of that E mail, with the company name and the manager’s name redacted. Part of a court settlement is agreement to not disclose the terms of settlement and also not to defame the other party in any way. That’s fine with me. My former employer has done no differently than nearly every employer in this country after all.

My advice to all of you still in legal battles with your former employer over vaccine mandates is to hold firm until it’s clear there’s nothing more you can practically achieve. The civil court system is designed to make both parties compromise. They don’t want you to go all the way to a hearing and judgement. The conciliation meetings are there to put doubt in the minds of both parties. You speak in front of everyone on a conference call (or in a room if it’s in person), then the court official speaks to you alone. They tell both parties everything that can go wrong for them. They told me that I basically had no chance of winning. They likely told my former employer that winning would cost them just as much as settling and that though winning was likely, it wasn’t guaranteed. I could still find some new procedural claim not previously dealt with.

So it’s worth making a claim, it’s worth fighting. But when it becomes clear that your cause can’t proceed any further, be ready to make a deal. There are bigger fish to fry and the war goes on.


Dear (first name of HR manager)

I acknowledge receipt of the money agreed to in settlement of my case in the Fair Work Commission. Thank you.

With this, I formerly confirm to you that I will not be part of any further action against you or any person in (Company) who has dealt with me in regards to the CoVid vaccines. The same applies to the company (Company) itself.

I hereby also formally and sincerely apologise for all outbursts of anger directed at yourself and other people working for (Company) during this process. I was caught in the sin of Pride and took it upon myself to take the place of God to try and right the greater wrongs I saw.

In my last E mail to you I told you that a financial settlement was of secondary importance to me. What matters to me is that people repent of their sins and accept Christ into their lives. The Bible tells us that we should only fear God. The reason that people have complied with vaccine mandates is because they have feared everything but God. Fear of losing a job, fear of not being able to travel, fear of a Government fine, fear of persecution by the State (such as has been done to me). You have all complied because you don’t have God in your lives.

You were created, you were not born by random chance. Your life has meaning and your life was meant to be lived in truth and free from all fear and attachment to the things of this world. We sin when we live in lies and in acceptance of lies. The penalty from God for sin, all sin, is death. No one can escape God’s judgement in the end. But we can also receive His mercy by accepting that He sent His Son into the world to take our sins upon Himself.

If you are blessed by God’s Grace your punishment for participating in the coercion of employees to take the CoVid vaccine will happen in this life and it will cause you to repent and accept the salvation of Christ. Then the Lord’s Holy Spirit will transform you out of cowardice and fear of financial and physical pain in this world, and into courage and faith in the salvation of Christ.

If you are cursed then your heart will be hardened by these words and you will face your judgement after your physical death. May God then have mercy on your soul.

The truth about the CoVid vaccines is simply that they don’t work and that the risk of serious side effects and death are greater than the risk of the SARS 2 illness itself. It is the vaccinated not the unvaccinated that have been hospitalised or died with CoVid this year. It is amongst the vaccinated that death from heart attacks and strokes and other conditions has been multiplied many times over. It is amongst the vaccinated that an epidemic of over 100,000 reported side effects have been officially reported in this country alone.

You participated in endangering the health and well being of everyone who worked for the company. You abused their legal rights that are guaranteed by the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution which ultimately is also blessed by God Himself. The rulings of courts do not change this as they are also operating outside of the law. The principles of Just Law were established by God under Moses and it is to these laws that are all ultimately held accountable to. You accepted a lie. You lived in that lie and you helped impose that lie out of fear for your own personal well being. This is the truth and I pray one day you will acknowledge this to God and repent of it. For though God’s laws are clear, we are granted forgiveness when we accept the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the truth. For He took our place and paid our debt to God for us. It is only the acceptance of this truth that enables us to let go of fear of pain and suffering in this world and thus keep tyranny at bay within it. If you look back through history you will see this is also the truth.

So that is what is important to me. I hope people will turn back to God before it is too late. I hope the evil in this world will be washed away by people accepting the salvation of Christ, instead of the evil in this world being destroyed by the wrath of God’s vengeance. For ultimately that is the only two options we all face.

I pray for you and I pray for the other people within (Company) to repent and accept Christ. It became clear to me that my path of seeking justice through the legal system would not help with your salvation. Rather I was committing the sin of Pride by attempting to take God’s place in your judgement. Also, despite the personal persecution I have been subjected to, the Lord has seen fit to provide for me during this time. I trust in God to provide and He blesses me. For these reasons I have chosen to let the matter go and leave justice in His capable hands.

Please pass on my apology to anyone in the Company who was subject to my anger. You, and everyone else at (Company), have my forgiveness for all wrongs done to me whether real or perceived. May God find a way into all of your hearts so that you may receive salvation.

God bless you all


Stephen Wells

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