Study claims most Australians support lockdowns: Are we really that retarded?


I don’t believe them, but no doubt a strong proportion of Australians really did support the lockdowns:

Two-thirds of Australians felt the severity and duration of COVID-19 lockdowns were “just right”, a new study claims, although Victorians were most likely to view emergency pandemic orders as too restrictive.

The University of Tasmania study, which surveyed 1162 people, revealed just 8 per cent of Aussies thought lockdowns were “definitely too restrictive”.

Another 11 per cent of people thought the lockdowns, which often required people to stay at home, comply with mask mandates and the drastic curtailment of access to non-essential services, were “probably” too restrictive.

Coalition voters were three times as likely as Labor supporters to view the lockdowns as too heavy handed, while attitude differences between men and women also emerged in the peer-reviewed paper, published in the Australian Journal of Social Issues on Tuesday.

Overall, 24 per cent of men believed the lockdowns were over the top, compared with 15 per cent of women. When asked their biggest worry about the deadly virus, which has killed more than 8000 Australians since 2020, men were much more likely than women to choose the economy over health.

Yet more proof that women should not be allowed to vote.

People who prioritised the economy over health were less likely to wear masks in public, check-in to venues, be tested in case they had to self-isolate, and were also less likely to be vaccinated, the study said.

When it came to health versus the economy, Labor voters were almost twice as likely as Coalition supporters to be worried about the health impacts of the coronavirus.

Universities are converged, woke, hopelessly ideological and almost completely incompetent. However, a lot of Australians are too.

I am not convinced the results of the study accurately reflect the depth of opposition to the lockdowns across Australia. Certainly the biggest protests against them were in Melbourne, where the lockdowns were harshest:

The whole of Australia turned out in huge numbers against the lockdowns:

The astroturfed pro-lockdown rallies were by comparison pathetic.

Masked Marxists harass coloured journalist in Melbourne.

Academia and the Lying Press are attempting to retcon the last two years, insisting that the mass movement for Freedom against Covid Tyranny never happened.

Nor do these university study stats reflect the results of the 2022 federal election, which witnessed the biggest boycott of an election in Australia’s history. Counting the million people who voted for either PHON or UAP, the million informal votes and the 4 and a half million Aussies who didn’t even bother to show up, roughly 6.5 million people, about a quarter of the (official) population, registered their deep dissatisfaction with the major parties and the direction of the country.

Nevertheless, a great deal of Australians really do support the lockdowns. Melbourne in particular is retarded even more than the rest of Australia. Despite the lockdowns, the electoral map looks something like this:

Vaccination rates are certainly exaggerated as well. Presumably though, nearly all lockdown supporters freely injected the poison, creating a genetic difference between purebloods and mudbloods to reinforce ideological differences.

I believe there is some ancient wisdom regarding the fate of houses divided against themselves.

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