People have to turn back to God


“What’s up! Are you Ok?!”
“Stephen, I’ve got something to tell you!”
“What? Are you ok?!
“Stephen I need to tell you this.” Pause. “Jesus didn’t come here to stop the evil”.
“Yes honey I know. He came to..”
“No! You don’t understand, He didn’t come to stop any of it! People have to turn back to God!”

It was just past midnight and my wife had been asleep for a few hours already. She needs more sleep each night than me and normally must not be disturbed on pain of death once she has entered dream time. I was in another room watching a chess video with the headphones on when she burst in on me. I thought maybe the anti terrorism police were at the door again!

Instead she had a dream that woke her up with a shock. A personal realisation that she had to tell me about before she forgot it. An epiphany that’s important to your wife is a revelation of uttermost importance that no husband, who values his sex life for the next year, should ever scoff at.

No one is allowed to wake up my wife after she has gone to sleep. Yet God had. She was not going to go off at Him, of that I was sure. But that being awake before time energy had to be directed somewhere. I knew my life was hanging by a thread.

We’ve been Christians for nearly 18 months now. We’ve attended Church regularly. We read the Bible at home. I’ve spoken at rallies for the need to turn back to Christ. I’ve written articles. That night, before we had gone to bed, we had been watching the dramatised series of the life of Jesus and His disciples, ‘The Chosen’. Something must have clicked.

To me, it had been obvious from the start. The message of the Gospel, the effect on this world of either embracing it or rejecting it. On an intellectual level, so had my wife. She had also embraced worship of God through Christ with me and we have both been rewarded with many experiences since doing so to confirm the existence of the Creator. As they are personal experiences and only provide subjective evidence to the skeptic, I won’t waste time publishing them. Despite all of this she must have still had an emotional disconnect between those in power and doing evil and how our new faith applied. Between what she knew the arguments of and what she knew in the depths of her soul.

Luckily for me, 10 years of a first marriage that failed (and that I learned my mistakes in) and 20 years with my 2nd wife, have helped me to recognise such potentially deadly to a husband moments, much faster now, though ultimately all credit is with Christ my saviour. He only promised to save my soul, but the Holy Spirit reached down into my mouth and ensured that only one sentence of condescending dismissal escaped my lips and saved my marriage as well! Maybe even my life in this world. Truly I thank the Lord for my blessings.

In one of the episodes of The Chosen Jesus tells the Pharisee Nicodemus that He has not come to take down Rome. My wife’s revelation in the night was that He didn’t come to take down the Globalist Cabal either.

Us personally turning back to Christ offers no promises of anything in this world. Other than at the end of this world when He will return and cast all the wicked and unbelieving into the fire. Until that time the Nations of this world will move towards moral justice or away from moral justice depending on whether the population is growing in faith and knowledge of Christ or diminishing in it.

All of the protests that we have partaken in over the last two years have been futile in stopping the Globalist Cabal from implementing their plans. This upcoming election likely won’t do much either. Christ didn’t come to take them down. Their power will be diminished when we have enough collective faith in Christ.

The best we can say about the freedom movement is that the Christians within it have come together and realised that their faith requires more than just paying lip service to it. That we need to really put the Gospel into our hearts and souls and boldly proclaim it wherever we go. This is not about changing the world for the sake of a better world.

Rather a better world is simply a measuring stick as to how much of humanity will receive salvation. Rome was not conquered by Christianity, it was transformed by it. The military and bureaucratic structure crumbled through invasion and corruption, but in its place arose a Church that spread across the whole world. At various times leaders within that Church have fallen short of Christ’s commands. Division and eventually separation have occurred, but the Church of Christ continues on. His words and deeds continually pulling people back to lives based on the Truth of Him, His Laws and His Gospel. The rotten fruits of false doctrines become apparent and are rejected once more. Onwards His true Church marches towards the true purpose of His coming. The gift of salvation and eternal life.

Our mission is to prioritise God above everything else, constantly grow our faith and help others to take that first leap of faith too. Bring people back to God through Christ and then live a life that tolerates no lies, expresses no selfish hatred and trusts in God to take care of everything else. It’s a life long mission and it’s a life of purpose and meaning. We seek to recognise our own sin so we can repent it and be purged of it. We seek to understand God’s original intent for man through the perfect life of Jesus Christ and hope to emulate that life as best we can. We seek and pray for God’s Holy Spirit to help us where we cant help ourselves.

Jesus didn’t come to take down Rome. He didn’t come to take down the Globalist Cabal. He came for you. He came for me. He paid the price for our sin so that we may join Him in eternity.

And He woke up my wife in the middle of the night to drive this home to me and put the fear of God in me. “You need to write an article Stephen!”

Yes Lord.

Actually what I said out loud was “Ok my love”. I was responding to words that came out of my wife’s mouth, but I know who was really speaking to me. Because I don’t ever wake up my wife in the middle of the night and she never wakes up in the middle of the night on her own. Fear not anything of this world. Fear only God. But when God uses your own wife to speak to you, you should be terrified!

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