LEAK: NSW Government Report Proposes Distance Based Tolls


You’ll own nothing but you’ll still pay through the teeth for everything:

A confidential New South Wales government document has revealed plans to introduce distance-based tolls for Sydney drivers on suburban roads and motorways.

The Future Transport Strategy report leaked to 9News said “network-wide distance-based pricing should be investigated to reshape travel behaviour”.

I am becoming wary of any proposal which contains the word “future” in it. Use of this term generally involves proposing taking away our nice things and making us eat bugs.

This means the government is considering charging drivers per kilometre regardless of whether motorists are on a suburban road or a major motorway.

The proposal would see drivers charged almost three cents for every kilometre on the road, which would be monitored via GPS.

This system is already in place in the United States.

It’s already in place in Oregan. You know, the state with Portland in it.

Yeah, that place.

However, the proposal has been condemned by NSW Labor leader Chris Minns who said it would impact Western Sydney families enormously.

“Distance-based tolling means Western Sydney families will pay more,” Minns said.

“Their answer to every economic problem is families need to pay more, they are squeezing people just too hard.”

The latest revelation is not popular with NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury either, who called it a “piecemeal approach”.

“Let’s take a strategic approach at looking at tax reform,” he said.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has already confirmed that distance-based tolls will be slugged to electric car drivers at 2.5 cents per kilometre by 2027.

Sucked in, retards.

Meanwhile, the government has denied plans to introduce a congestion tax, which was also included as a proposal in the report.

“I haven’t seen the report but I can assure the public there are no plans and we’ve ruled it out,” Perrottet said today.

“This is ridiculous. There is no congestion tax.”

The government said the Future Transport Strategy report is a draft and it is yet to adopt any of the proposals.

We can ignore the politicking by the two major parties. Both are in the pocket of the World Economic Forum, and this policy is straight out of their handbook. They want every move we make to be monitored digitally, they don’t want us to own cars or travel wherever we like. They want us living in pods and eating bugs, doing useless service jobs remotely from home then plugging in to the Metaverse Matrix in our “downtime”.

Humanity is being turned into computers. I am dead set serious when I say this. If we are to survive, we need to destroy all computers, all television, radio, every single form of mass communication. There is a reason why basically every single science fiction universe created before the last decade imagined a world where we are either enslaved by machines, or we have already fought a devastating war against machines then banned all forms of artificial intelligence.

We are currently seeing the implementation of that dystopia. The psychopaths pushing this genuinely believe they can upload their consciousness into machines and live forever in virtual reality. They reveal the method in Independence Day 2:

We have to destroy all computers.

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