Brett Sutton Mocked Online For Catching Covid

Covid Tyranny with a smile.

He’s so fortunate he is vaccinated, otherwise it could have been far worse. This should be a reminder that we should all get vaccinated:

Victorian chief health officer Brett Sutton is in isolation after contracting Covid-19.
Professor Sutton revealed on Friday that he was feeling quite sick and couldn’t imagine the experience without vaccinations.

“Feeling pretty rubbish, tbh. Razor blade throat and painful cough,” he posted on Twitter.

“Clearly not the same for everyone. Can’t imagine how it might have been – for me – without three doses of vax.

“Good on science.”

And there it is:

The blue checkmark crowd are basically cut and pasting their tweets whenever they test positive to Covid. Good on Brett for putting in a little effort, looks like he changed a few words around.

It’s a thing. He’s rightly getting slammed:

It’s amazing. The globalists are trying to force meme the “thank goodness I am vaccinated, otherwise my Covid would have been worse” into existence, but it is being instantly destroyed by its counter meme as soon as it pops up. We are seeing meme warfare in action and we are winning.

Hilariously, the Lying Press is trying to tell us that people like Brett Sutton:

Professor Sutton became popular with many Victorians throughout the pandemic as he provided Covid updates and advice.

I guess it’s fair to say that people don’t really hate Sutton. He is just too incompetent a liar to be hated. Indeed his transparency gave us clues throughout 2021 regarding the evolving Covid Narrative, and the means by which it was enforced.

In October 2021 Sutton practically admitted that the Victorian government would scrap the vaccine mandate if they couldn’t enforce it, and he also indicated that they were essentially using the mandates as a test to gauge how people would react to totalitarian control:

Sutton: “The trial in part is to see how this goes. Um, the message is clear (gives sheepish laugh), we want settings to open up safely and the increased caps for those settings are absolutely because there is an expectation that fully vaccinated people will be the ones attending.

“That makes it safer and it makes it much more able to have a bigger patron cap in those settings. I think businesses want that increased patron cap and I think they’ll want to do whatever they can to ensure that there’s compliance so that they can safely operate with those greater caps.

“There’ll be some tensions but let’s see how the trial plays out in terms of how compliance and enforcement works in those settings, and the ease with which those vaccine passports or vaccine certificates work in those settings.”

The very next day he admitted that the vaccinated were the ones dying, not the unvaccinated:

Journalist: “Do you know much about those Embracia patients?

Sutton: “I understood that they were all fully vaccinated, um ***shits himself*** so you know that the issue is, there’s a real reduction in the risk of transmission when you’re vaccinated but it’s nowhere near a hundred percent.”

The guy can’t lie. The globalists who run Victoria need him though to be the nice, bumbling face of Covid Tyranny.

His sister in law is connected to Bill Gates, the WHO and the UN, and she sat in on Event 201, the simulation in which the globalists wargamed how they would carry out the plandemic.

He was installed as Victoria’s CHO in March 2019, giving him enough time to settle in before the sniffles outbreak kicked off. My suspicion is that he knows he is being used, but he has to play along, because if he tries to escape they will hunt him down to the ends of the earth.

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