Antarctic Winter to Slam Australia: So much for Global Warming


“It will never rain again. Even the rain that does fall will not be enough to fill our dams and river systems:”

– Rebecca Judd, 21 May, 2022:

Multiple weather systems are set to combine to bring an exceptionally chilly and damp start to winter for much of Australia.

A ‘polar surge’ is forecast to sweep up over the south of the country from Antarctica and will eventually reach as high as Queensland, bringing icy temperatures, winds and snow as low as 1000m above sea level.

The wet weather is also not forecast to ease, with La Nina predicted to last well into winter.

Winter is coming.

A similar system off Australia’s west coast, the Indian Ocean Dipole, is also causing problems in WA and will contribute to the increased rainfall.

Weatherzone meteorologist Joel Pippard said the freezing blast of Antarctic air will at first hit lower Western Australia before moving east to Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney and then north over the country.

Antarctica is angry.

Once it nears Australia on Saturday, this set-up of cold air hitting moisture can be very conducive to heavy, low-level snowfalls,’ Mr Pippard said.

He said a moisture-laden sub-tropical low off Western Australia and a Tasman low off the east coast will combine with the cold air.

‘There are three systems in total that need to line up so the specifics (of rain and snowfall cover) will vary in the next few days,’ he said.

I know people who went to the snowfields in the early 2000’s because they were convinced that they would never see snow again in their lifetimes.

Sydney is expected to see temperatures hovering between the low teens and low 20s for the week with rain on the weekend as the blast of cold air hits.

Slightly cooler conditions are forecast for Melbourne, with highs around 17C, while Adelaide will see similar temperatures but rain most of this week.

Research shows the La Nina system, which began 18 months ago and has battered Australia with record rainfall and floods, has an above average chance of sticking around into September.

Columbia University’s International Research Institute for Climate and Society and the US Climate Prediction Centre said there was a 63 per cent likelihood of La Nina throughout winter and a 58 per cent chance of the system continuing into spring.

The Bureau of Meteorology agrees with the US research in their latest climate driver update issued on Tuesday which also forecasts La Nina will remain until well into winter.

‘Indicators of La Nina, including tropical Pacific sea surface temperatures and equatorial cloudiness, have seen little change for past fortnight,’ the bureau said.

The west coast, which has been largely unaffected by La Nina as yet, is forecast to also experience a wet winter thanks to a different weather system.

Everybody knows that Australia’s climate fluctuates from warm to cold courtesy of El Niño and La Niña. Whenever we’re in an El Niño cycle all the mad greenies spam charts at us to convince us that it’s getting warmer. They always ignore the big one.

Global Warming, Climate Change or whatever they’re calling it this year is a giant fraud. It’s far likelier that we’re headed for a Grand Solar Minimum which will escalate the current engineered regional food shortages into a very real and massive global food shortage.

The idiot elites of Australia’s inner cities have nevertheless voted Teal and Green because climate change, returning genuine environmental fanatics to high office. They have replaced the climate change sellouts of the Liberal Party, who betrayed their electoral mandate to oppose the environmental lunacy of Labor and instead toed the UN/WEF line by committing Australia to so-called “net zero” carbon emissions and a so-called “energy transition”.

If you want to understand a key reason why Australians boycotted the 2022 federal election in record numbers, this is it. Regardless of which branch of the uniparty we vote for, we get increased green tape, more expensive electricity and more climate hysteria.

Smart Aussies are growing their own food, relearning the hunting skills of our ancestors and sourcing their own energy supply. Given that governments are phasing in digital ID’s to ration the supply of food to the hungry masses, they’re probably figuring out how we can destroy all the computers as well.

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