WOKE INSANITY: Australian Health Official REFUSES To Define A Woman


A man has a penis, a woman has a vagina. It’s not that difficult:

Fresh from exposing the subversion of the WEF in Australia, Senator for South Australia Alex Antic asked a panel of officials from Australia’s Department of Health to define a woman. There was an awkward silence. The officials looked sheepish. Then the bravest of them, Professor Murphy, spoke up:

“I think there are a variety of definitions, and perhaps to give a more fulsome answer we should take that on notice.”

They’re scared.

These scenes in the Senate Estimates Committee echo those in the hearings for the new Justice of the US Supreme Court:

The “I’m not a biologist”..thing.. has become a meme:

It is very telling that public officials are so scared of saying the most fundamental truth.

The last time people were this scared to say 2 + 2 = 4, 100 million people were slaughtered. The ideological descendants of the Marxist butchers of the 20th Century are gearing up to do it all over again. They’ve built the camps and they can’t wait to fill them.

Just like last time around, they are going after the children. Yesterday in Victoria’s Parliament, Bernie Finn read a letter from a constituent informing him that his 10 year old daughter’s homework was to ask him about his erections and ejaculations.

The legalisation of poo marriage opened the floodgates and it’s only going to get worse. The people pushing this are literal satanic pedophiles.

It won’t help save our dying civilisation, but the degenerates grooming our children should know that they are uniting the whole world against us. United States officials are openly voicing their concern that the monopoly use of the American dollar in world trade is about to be blown out of the water.

In attempting to isolate Russia after NATO provoked the War in the Ukraine, Western policy makers have instead spurred the biggest countries in Asia to develop closer economic ties. These include the creation of an alternative to the SWIFT system and the trade of oil and gas in Yuan and Rubles.

Given that the definition of “Western values” is now “allowing satanic pedophiles to groom your children”, which way do you think the rest of the world is going to swing when faced with a Regime which probably doesn’t commit warcrimes against its enemies on the one hand, or a Regime led by a senile child rapist on the other?


They will quite rightly want nothing to do with us, and will likely be openly hostile.

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