In the Australian election, what about the un-vaxxed?


Two weeks into the Australian federal election campaign and I am surprised at what I am not hearing. The current politicians and future hopefuls are doing their usual bit to talk up their economic credentials; their high level of woke points, (and to apologise if they previously said something not in accordance with the ever evolving woke line); their adherence to all things green and renewable, no matter how absurd or costly; their determination to save poor little Ukraine from those dastardly Russians.

And the pork barreling, let us not forget the pork barreling. The funny thing about absurd economic promises from election campaigns is not that politicians keep telling these giant porkers, but that voters somehow keep believing them. So this scheme or that scheme will get a few hundred million here and a few hundred million there; let’s be honest, what’s a few hundred million between maaaaaaaates?

All of this is the usual show by the usual suspects. But as I said, it’s what I am not seeing or hearing that is so unusual.

I’m not seeing anything at all about Covid.

Specifically, I am not seeing any mention of the fact that a very significant number of Australian voters are currently unable to fly internationally as they have not chosen to submit to the poison and experimental vaxx. I am not seeing anything about the large numbers of public and private sector workers who have lost their jobs due to vaxx mandates and are now trying to survive in a supposedly capitalist economy that has excluded them through political persecution.

Yes, political persecution. Politicians and their enablers decided these mandates and we know that these people who are being actively discriminated against have absolutely no political party or independent politician willing to speak for them. The silence is deafening.

Color me somewhat surprised, but if I were running as a candidate in this election then this issue would be front and center for me to win a seat. That’s without any mention of a moral obligation towards those in need. Just for my own selfish benefit, standing on a platform of returning those people to work and allowing them to travel, (let alone the issue of compensation), would garner me a huge amount of publicity. And yet, no candidates are mentioning this. Perhaps they think it not worthy of their attention. Could it be that their “internal polling” has shown it to be a political non-starter?

But there is another federal election happening at this time, mes amies. Yes, those wacky Frenchies are also at it again. And Marie le Pen in a speech yesterday declared to thunderous applause and cheering that if elected she would rescind the odious green pass and restore to work all of those who have lost their jobs as a result of not submitting to the vaxx.

I ask again, how is this not a red hot topic in Australia right now? Has it been shut down by the media? Have the politicians shut it down? How is nobody talking about this? The active discrimination against those that did not submit to a medical experiment with massive downsides has been an action that went against all of our supposed democratic principles. I say supposed because here we are in a massive democratic election and no mention is being made, at all, about this nation-wide level of injustice.

Which means that it is all a sham. If in case you harbored some residual doubt, some remaining faint glimmer of hope in the system. But checking out is not an option. We need to fight for our nations. God demanded that we do so. Here is Archbishop Vigano’ in a recent interview discussing this very topic:

Let us not forget that when the Lord admonished us “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s” (Mt 22:21), He exhorted us not only to pay taxes, but also to fulfill our duty towards our homeland, especially when it is endangered by those who have as their final goal the destruction of traditional Christian society through an unquenchable hatred against Jesus Christ.

So where is our own Le Pen? Where is the leader who is prepared to fight for Australians? It is utterly shameful at this time that none of them have seen fit to bring up this crucial and relevant point. Cowards, utter cowards one and all. The dregs of our nation, lined up to lead us as the great puppets of the New World Order that they are.

So Australians, whether you are jabbed or not, start asking this question. What about the un-vaxxed? What about their future, about their welfare, about their rights? Because while you yourself might have stomached the control and obeyed the authorities this time around, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be on board with their next shot at turning the screw.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.