Why I showed mercy to the Project


Back in 2016 Illuminati whore Madonna was criticised by the cucked Civ Nat Right for empathising with Left wing wannabe terrorists, saying she had “thought a lot about blowing up the White House” after Trump was elected president and then went on to say that “but I know this will not change anything. We cannot fall into despair”.

The problem with being fake publicly outraged by our enemies when they say such things is that it allows them to be just as outraged by us when we think or say similar things. As our enemies have the system on their side, the last thing we need is to be calling out fake crimes as real crimes. That will simply give the courts more opportunities to prosecute us whilst continuing to ignore iniquities of our enemies.

Madonna fantasised about doing violence. She fantasised about mass murder. Don’t tell me you’ve never done the same. Don’t tell me it should be a crime to confess it, especially when you go on to say you stayed your hand and thought better of it. The opposite is true. Confessing it gives you the opportunity to reject it. And if you don’t reject it as you make your fantasies vocal, it gives your friends and family the opportunity to talk some sense into you (Unless everyone agrees with your thoughts, in which case it’s war). Keeping it to yourself allows these thoughts to grow and fester. It can cause you to turn inward and seek justification in your mind. Sooner or later you might act on such thoughts.

There are occasions when violence is warranted. There are occasions when even genocide is justified. God commands the Israelites to kill not only every man, woman and child in Canaan, but to also kill all their animals as well. To wipe out every trace of their existence. God also destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah Himself and let’s not forget the Great Flood!

How often have you heard or read stories about going back in time to kill Hitler before he rose to power? If the evil is great enough, doesn’t it make sense to murder one man “for the greater good”? This is the argument the Left uses all the time.

Thou shalt not commit murder

Biblically there doesn’t seem to be a precedent for sanctioning individual acts of assassination. Individual evil people are murdered by other evil people, but God doesn’t order any believers to assassinate anyone. In the Bible there is a difference between individual acts of initiation of violence and the collective violence of war. On an individual scale Moses sets up a system whereby an individual can avenge the killing of a family member as well as places of sanctuary against avengers, for people who have killed. But sanctioning of initiation of killing an individual by another individual, outside of war or punishment for breaking a law that holds the death penalty, doesn’t occur. In the case of breaking such a law, it is only sanctioned through a judicial system, not via people taking it upon themselves to pass and execute judgement.

In the time of King Saul, Saul tries to have David killed and chases David and his followers all over the Country to try and end his life. But when David is given the opportunity to kill Saul in his sleep, David doesn’t do it. Eventually Saul and his sons are killed by Israel’s enemies and Saul is told of his fate (and that his fate is God’s will for defying Him) beforehand. Thus we are given instruction as to how to deal with people who are in positions of power who seek to do us harm, via a specific case precedent.

The point of writing about all of this is to set up my own confession of dark thoughts to you, whilst hopefully avoiding getting my door bashed in by a dozen counterterrorism police so they can charge me with incitement to commit murder and planning an act of terrorism. I’ve already had the police harass me enough just for shouting at someone, my wife wouldn’t thank me for giving them an excuse to do worse.

On the contrary, like the Globalist whore Madonna, my intention is to empathise with those having dark thoughts of assassination and murder in order to take you back from the brink of despair and trust that our side will win in the end.

Just because Madonna sold her soul decades ago, doesn’t mean she wasn’t made the same way as everyone else. She simply trusts in the power of the earthly rule of the
Satanists to bring globohomo victory. Whereas we should trust in God. Either way, acting on such thoughts is, at the very least, generally counter productive. That doesn’t stop us trying to justify it to ourselves though.

So much soy face.

The opportunity

So, to the point: I admit it! I’ve fantasised about taking out politicians, bureaucrats, global “elite”, media personalities, police, judges, employers, employer’s clients, shop employees, random arseholes wearing a mask alone in their car, you name them, Ive dreamed about killing them. You want depopulation, I will give you depopulation! In my mind at least.

A few days ago, God gave me the opportunity.

Not just some random guy on the street who annoyed me. No, God put Chanel Ten’s The Project at my mercy. Communist propaganda central. They were right in front of me and I had a pair of pruning scissors in my hand. Quick stab in the neck. I reckon I could have killed at least two of the fuckers before anyone would have realised what I was doing and tried to stop me.

I’ve been sacked from my job for refusing the clot shot, I was breaking my back picking grapes because it is the only place where I can work without it. I can only work a couple of days a week for a few hours a day because my lower back just can’t handle working any more than that. There are thousands of vineyards all over WA and the Project had decided to fly out from Melbourne and film a little tourism WA clip in the vineyard I was working at, at the exact time and place in the vineyard I was working at. Don’t tell me God didn’t put them there on purpose. I no longer believe in coincidences that big.

I heard they were coming to film an hour beforehand. I began fantasying. Still it was a bloody big vineyard. To have them walk down the very row I was working on 60 minutes later was a shock, to say the least.

Why? Why did God put them inches away from me? What did God want me to do? Trust in Him to punish the wicked? Or was I supposed to be His instrument of punishment? It was so easy to justify to myself the second option.

I know, for all my talk about not fearing death or imprisonment, I still prefer my comforts of this world. I know that my wife is a leverage the global elite has over me and I should put God before even her, but I still don’t want to leave her to grieve for me alone. Could God be testing my courage? Should I put aside my love of things and people in this world and deliver judgement on His behalf?

We can make all the arguments we like about “playing into their hands”, but deep down we all know violence works. At least it does if it happens often enough. We all know that peaceful protests have simply been ignored.

Millions March Against Global Vaccine Mandates: Globalists Mandate Boosters

Was it time to unleash the most terrible violence to finally put the fear of retribution from God into the hearts of the wicked?

Love your enemies

Deep in my soul, I knew from the outset that I was not going to kill anyone, but at the same time it grated on me to know this. I had such a feeling of impotency and self loathing as the team of the Project walked past me and one of the female presenters smiled at me. “Fuck off!” I said in return, loud enough for her to hear me as I turned back to the vines to continue working. A fit of beta male pique to compensate for my cowardice and failure to act?

My false fantasy bravado and pride were exposed. I’m not a murder and I never will be. I’m not a terrorist “freedom fighter”. I’m not a revolutionary and deep down and I don’t want to be. Love your enemies as you love yourself. Because hating them is nothing more than self loathing. It took a long while afterwards to acknowledge my Pride. The hatred of those taking part in the agenda grew and grew with the hatred and self loathing of myself for seemingly doing nothing about it when given “a chance”.

No one in the Project has killed anyone in my family, nor (as yet) has their pushing lying propaganda contributed to anyone in my family dying.

My family are all currently still unharmed by the clot shot and I pray this will remain so. I have been unfairly sacked from my previous job and unfairly banned from going to various places and from doing various things. The Project have definitely had sone part to play in that but they are not fully responsible and have only had a very minor role. At the end of the day though, I still have a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food on the table. So what right to vengeance do I have in the first place?

The answer is none!

Instead the real truth is not that I was a coward for not acting out my fantasies. Rather, I was full of the sins of Pride and Wrath for having those fantasies in the first place. Both of these come from lack of faith in God.

In wanting to right all the wrongs of this world we try and usurp the place of God. God’s Law gives us the right to demand an eye for an eye from the person who took the eye from us or our immediate family. It doesn’t give us the right to take it from someone who took an eye from a third party, unless we have been appointed as judge and the victim is asking for justice of that party. And in regards to taking the eye from someone who has taken from us or our family directly, we are only given permission to do this if rule of law is no longer able to give us justice. I know genocide is occurring, but murder is always occurring within humanity. Most of the murders that are occurring right now that are upsetting me, are occurring to people who are voluntarily putting their heads or their children’s heads on the chopping block. Am I supposed to start a one man killing crusade to get justice for that!?

We may be called one day, as a collective, to war. Then our obligations to God may be different. Then we may be called to put these wicked people to death. But until that day, we are commanded to endure all but the most abhorrent iniquities and have faith in God that He will see justice done in His own time and His own way. We are after all, all sinners in the eyes of God. By Grace we are offered salvation. But none of us are righteous on our own.

Maybe someone will assassinate TV presenters or politicians etc in the future, who have taken part in pushing the Globalist Agenda upon us, but if you have fantasised about it yourself, as I did, let go of those thoughts. Neither of us is God. God may use people to do such things, but if you are personally being used by Him, it’s likely because you too have abandoned Him and are deserving of the same fate as those you are punishing. A fate He will meet out to you after He has finished using you to deliver it to them.

All we need to do is keep our personal integrity, refuse to comply with tyranny and be prepared to endure any hardships that result from doing so in faith that those inflicting those hardships upon us, both directly and indirectly, will face God’s judgement in the end. Maybe through war that we will be commanded to take part in. Maybe through war inflicted upon our enemies by others. Maybe by people taking vengeance for loved ones killed. Maybe by God’s hand Himself in the second coming of Christ. But God’s Judgement comes to everyone in the end.

Stay strong. Never comply. Trust in the Lord.

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