Solomon Islands Deal: China begins encirclement of Australia


There’s a great line in the movie Protocol with (((Goldie Hawn))), which goes something along the lines of “as you can see from the map, this country is in a very strategic location.”

Couldn’t find the clip, but she was reasonably funny. I was studying International Relations at the time when I saw the first 40 minutes or so. Learned more from it than I did in seven years at university. Let’s look at a map of the South Pacific:

As you can see from the map, the Solomon Islands are in a very strategic location:

China and Solomon Islands are set to sign off on a security deal that will allow Chinese warships to be based in the Pacific and shift the balance of power in Australia’s region.

The agreement will give China the power to use its military to protect the safety of Chinese personnel and major projects in Solomon Islands and give Beijing a base for its navy less than 2000 kilometres off Australia’s coast. The base would be the first time Australia has had a strategic adversary within striking distance of its coastline since World War II.

“China may, according to its own needs and with the consent of Solomon Islands, make ship visits to, carry out logistical replenishment in and have stopover and transition in the Solomon Islands,” the draft framework agreement states.

“Solomon Islands may, according to its own needs, request China to send police, armed police, military personnel and other law enforcement and armed forces to Solomon Islands to assist in maintaining social order, protecting people’s lives and property.”

Consider that Russia has committed to war against the Ukraine precisely because NATO was using Ukraine to encircle Russia and place weapons on its border. The situation posed a clear and present danger to its existence as a nation. The Solomon Islands is to Australia what Ukraine is to Russia, what Taiwan is to China, what East Timor is to Indonesia, what Cuba was to America, and what Israel is to the jews who run America.

It’s an unsinkable aircraft carrier right on our doorstep. If China signs more deals with other Pacific Island shitholes they can encircle us and cut us off from the American fleet.

It’s a pretty big deal. Even one of the muttons who wishes she was in the Mean Girls club can see it:

In one fell swoop she admits that international aid has nothing to do with helping ordinary people and everything to do with convincing third world shitholes to take your side in the global game of empires.

I know what you’re all thinking though. Who even cares? The Australian government is openly and deliberately replacing its own people. After World War 2 we were told we needed to populate or perish, ie we had to grow our population or else the Asians would take us over. So we opened the doors to mass immigration, then mass Asian immigration, and now the Australian continent is populating while its people perish.

30 years ago we were told that if we opened up to Chinese trade it would expand the Chinese middle class who would then demand liberal democratic reform. It was literally a plan to turn Chinese people into effete Westerners in the vague hope that they would overthrow their own government. Naturally it failed spectacularly. The Chinese are more confident and nationalist than ever, they were practically given the majority of our heavy industry and 1-2 million of their colonists now occupy our territory.

The Australian government has spent the last two years treating the Australian people no better than the Chinese government treats its own, placing entire cities under house arrest, brutalising dissidents and using economic terrorism to coerce millions of Aussies into taking a poison.

We now have a choice between death, destruction and slavery on the one hand and death, destruction and slavery on the other.

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