Scott Morrison is STILL LYING that Covid Vaccines are “Voluntary”


It is nigh on impossible to get a job in Australia without getting a so-called Covid “vaccine”, despite the fact that they have been proven to be dangerous and ineffective. However, the Prime Minister still maintains that they are not mandatory.

A woman wrote to Scott Morrison regarding the unlawful mandates and received the following reply:

“Thank you for writing to me about the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

“Vaccination is free and voluntary. The government is not supporting mandatory vaccinations, except for public health reasons and very specific circumstances, as recommended by the medical expert panel.

“This has been the case for aged care workers, who carry a disproportionate risk of being infected and spreading it to the most vulnerable communities, simply because of the nature and setting of their work. These workers and the communities they serve deserve protection against COVID-19.

“However, while vaccination is voluntary, I want as many Australians to get vaccinated as quickly as possible – and if eligible, to get their booster dose.

“My view is that everyone needs to be vaccinated, regardless of what job you do. Your health is up to you, but being vaccinated protects you, your family and your community.

“That opportunity is there for you, and it is the best thing for Australia.


Besides the awful grammar in the fourth paragraph, this is a blatant lie. Vaccines are mandatory. You cannot get a job without one. Ask people who are vaccinated, most of them will tell you they got it to keep their job, and they vaccinated their children so they could go to school.

To engage in such outright economic coercion is for all intents and purposes to make the not-vaccines mandatory. Because Morrison is not sending the army door to door to hold people down and inject them against their will (yet) he can use weasel words to evade admitting the truth that the vaccines are mandatory.

Refreshingly, despite being subject to radiation weapons last month in Canberra, Australians are still marching against the vaccine mandates.

These events remain important as they are an opportunity for purebloods to network and create a parallel economy, society and nation. The only way to deal with such compulsive liars is to go no contact.

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