Covid Testing Army going Door To Door in WA


In total war, every arm of society is mobilised against the enemy, perceived or otherwise:

Random door-knock COVID-19 testing will take place across Perth beginning from tomorrow as cases continue to surge.

The Western Australian Government has provided more than $130,000 to the Telethon Kids Institute to go door-to-door across a range of metropolitan Perth suburbs, asking household members if they would like to do a COVID-19 test.

So a children’s charity is now being mobilised in Western Australia to supplement all the digital intelligence the government has been hoarding with real time human intelligence.

Aussies have already been programmed to mistrust each other and invade each other’s privacy by calling the police on people for having their neighbours over for coffee during lockdown. It’s just a little step then to give them licence to knock on your door to shove a bit of plastic up your kid’s nose.

From there it will only be a little step for them to drag you, your kids and your whole family away to a Centre for National Resilience if one of you tests positive.

Participation is voluntary and the tests use a new technology called LAMP.

Bloody hell. Another rabbit hole we all have to go down just to find out it doesn’t work. I can’t even be bothered researching this one.

The test is not yet approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, so anyone who returns a positive result will need a PCR or a rapid antigen test.

However, researchers believe the test is more accurate at detecting COVID-19 than a RAT.

Perth company Avicena developed the Sentinel machine which incorporates LAMP technology with smart robotics, allowing test samples to be processed in bulk.

No. Just no. Tell them to get stuffed. I am not watching more BitChute videos to find out a new technology the government is using to justify Covid Tyranny is junk science, only for the Lying Press to admit two years down the track that all of the data they dismissed as conspiracy theories is actually true and that technology doesn’t work.

My default setting is now that I simply do not believe them.

The study will be carried out across several weekends and aims to find COVID-19 cases going undetected in the community.

The state’s COVID-19 cases ballooned to 7151 new infections yesterday, the highest the state has ever recorded.

“We are very close to hitting the peak of COVID-19 cases in Western Australia, so now is the ideal time for this study to be conducted,” WA Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson said.

A study which will be used to justify more oppressive measures. Great. The definition of “Covid Normal” is:

The government shall give the impression it is backing off on Covid Tyranny while maintaining a lower but constant level of fear, to be ramped back up whenever it suits them.

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