LRAD at Parliament House, Canberra, 12/2/22.

“We promise that the military grade sonic weapons were only set to ‘Party’ mode, and not ‘Peel Their Skin’ mode, despite the conspiracy theories.”

They are such transparent liars, and criminals.

The idea of these being a long range PA system is bullshit. I know amplification technology and how sound waves work. Low frequencies travel furthest, have the longest wavelength, but are dispersed by matter more easily. High enough frequencies are inaudible and penetrate human tissues. ALL sound waves are radiation, not all radiation frequencies and amplitudes are dangerous.

If they wanted to address a crowd like through a PA system and have it travel far AND be audible, the only way to do that is with MASSIVE speaker cones and LOUD amplitude. If you don’t have the surface area (and a standard wedding band PA will utilise a 15″ or 18″ cone for subs in a medium to large function room) you cannot make low frequencies travel far. It would basically be a Big Day Out style PA to transmit an audible message across vast space. They would also have to have them up high above the crowd, or the sound would get sucked up by the bodies of the crowd and no one behind the front 10 rows would hear it.

Sound system at The Big Day Out. Note the towering sound systems.

They claim to only have these as alert tools. But we KNOW (because the ABC complained about it when they thought they were going to be used against BLM, climate change, and other communist protests) that these are military grade weapons.

I know, and have explained why, they physically cannot work as Public Address systems, and how a megaphone would have been as effective for telling the front rows to back off.

My neighbour went to the first big weekend in Canberra and came home with 3 days of radiation poisoning symptoms. We all heard the reports from others. We all saw the tech in place. We have the written confirmation that they were used.

By their position and size, I am confident that these could ONLY be used in an inaudible frequency range and one that penetrates human flesh. These are radiation weapons, and they were used against Australian citizens by our Zionist Occupational Government.

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