Breitbart Reappraised

Andrew Breitbart.

This week was the ten year anniversary of the death of Andrew Breitbart, and David Cole took a measured look at the man’s legacy.

Breitbart also pioneered the “Democrats are the real racists” talking point. I always knew this would spell trouble for the right, long-term. Because implicit in that “dunk” is the belief that it’s the duty of both parties to root out “racists.” That’s a narrative that should be challenged, not furthered. Screaming “Democrats are the real racists” doesn’t bother leftists; they’re just happy you’ve joined the hunt …

This is spot on and something which we should keep in mind at all times when dealing with these nefarious morons. You don’t engage them on their level because that acknowledges their ideologies as having merit which then gives them authority over you seeing as they are the gatekeepers of their own lunacy.

The classic example of this was the gay marriage time bomb. It was sold as just letting poor innocent homos be able to participate in society. A few years later and the reality is far different as transgender lunatics attempt to destroy children both physically and mentally while getting their parents labeled as domestic terrorists for objecting. But the gay marriage argument was already lost years before when we gave them an inch and stopped outlawing sodomy. Thus it was complicity acknowledged that homos and the homo lifestyles were acceptable. The true reality of homo lifestyles is now being revealed, and degenerate does not even begin to cover it.

Everything that Globohomo pushes needs to be countered in the same manner; none of it is acceptable. So you don’t object to third wave feminism, you cut it off at the beginning. Which once again, we failed to do.

However, at the end of his piece, Cole went into a segue where he challenged Breitbart’s mantra that politics is downstream of culture. According to Cole this cannot possibly be the case since it is the antithesis of “go woke, go broke”.

I’ll make one more point: I think Breitbart inadvertently assisted the rise of woke. His mantra (the “Breitbart Doctrine”), “politics is downstream from culture,” emboldened Hollywood execs, actors, musicians, ad agencies, and corporate PR flacks to think they have way more influence than they actually do. If you tell those half-wits that their movies, TV shows, and commercials alter the course of human events, they’ll act the role.

You do realize that “politics is downstream from culture” is incompatible with “go woke, go broke,” right? They can’t both be correct. If “downstream from culture” were true, the NFL would be doing gangbuster business since it went woke and Gillette would’ve quadrupled its profits with its “shaving tranny” commercials.

But that didn’t happen, because more often than not, pop culture doesn’t set trends, it follows them. Or, to be more precise, it follows perceived trends, as job-insecure network and studio execs scurry around trying to latch onto the “next big thing” (and usually, they get it wrong).

“Go woke, go broke” is indeed wrong but not for the reasons that Cole thinks it is. None of the companies that have aggressively pushed a woke agenda have gone broke, but that’s due to the fact that any publicity is good publicity. The amount of coverage that a company like Gillette received for its woke stance more than made up for any loss of sales from the small cache of men prepared to act on their principles, or even possessing any principles at all.

But even worse is the fact that Cole has no understanding of what culture really is. He thinks that it’s movies, songs and commercials, which is just the kind of superficial understanding of culture that defines your traditional boorish American, (which in an ironic sense means that he is acting true to form based on his culture). A culture is a people. For it is the people who produce the artifacts of a culture. And it is then they who teach and inspire the young to leapfrog them and make better on what their teachers achieved.

And people are bound by blood, not just by geography. Thus we see images of Africans attempting to get assistance while stranded in Ukraine and being aggressively shunned by the locals in favor of people of their own culture, of their own tribe.

Breitbart was absolutely correct when he stated that politics is downstream of culture. The tragedy is that even ten years after his death and with all of the awful gains made by the Left, most people still don’t understand what he was really saying.

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