ARDERN CAVES: New Zealand Lifts Most Vaccine Mandates

Usually we are against masks, but in this case we’ll make an exception.

Aside from having an openly transexual Prime Minister, New Zealand has had the most batshit insane Covid restrictions of anywhere in the Western world. But then suddenly, for no reason at all, they were all gone:

Covid restrictions and vaccine mandates in New Zealand have been significantly eased despite case numbers remaining in the tens of thousands per day.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Wednesday that vaccine mandates would be lifted, gathering limits raised, and vaccine mandates removed.

There were 20,087 new Covid cases and 11 deaths announced in New Zealand on Wednesday with the seven-day rolling case average, which provides a clearer picture of the prevalence of the virus, sitting at 17,111.

It’s remarkable, given that he had previously shut off and shut down the entire country for just one or two cases.

From 11.59pm on Friday there will no longer be limits on outdoor gatherings and indoor gathering limits will be doubled from 100 to 200 people.

More changes from 11.59pm on April 4 include vaccines passes no longer required at businesses and QR codes scrapped.

Outdoor masks will also be no longer required which, when paired with the increase to gathering limits, will allow sport, concerts, festivals and weddings to go ahead as they would before Covid.

Covid Tyranny has taken one step back after taking two steps forward. What matters is that government power has been increased and the infrastructure of our digital prison enhanced. Also, “living with Covid” is code for “Covid is now incorporated into the ways that idiots can virtue signal.

Vaccine mandates will also be narrowed to only include health and aged care workers, border workers, and corrections staff.

Ms Ardern said the country would stay on the ‘red’ setting on the government’s Covid traffic light system despite the easing of rules.

‘We’ve had more than 500,000 reported cases of Covid-19 and expert modellers say there have probably been 1.7 million actual infections,’ she said on Wednesday.

‘That figure, coupled with 95 per cent of New Zealanders being fully vaccinated, means we now have a high level of collective immunity.

‘New Zealanders have worked incredibly hard to get through this pandemic and as a result of those efforts we are now in a position to move forward and change the way we do things.’

The 95% figure is rubbish, but clearly the globalists reckon they have jabbed enough people, and the poison is doing its work.

The changes in New Zealand leave Australia as a standalone with regards to vaccine mandates. Will theAustralian government apply the same logic – we have to do this to keep in step with the rest of the world – to justify lifting the mandates as they did when they imposed them?

Don’t hold your breath.

Most telling is the message this sends to peaceful protesters. The protests in New Zealand were indeed peaceful, but when faced with relentless police brutality they finally started to get a bit rowdy.

Wellington narrowly avoided a car of peace attack.

Similarly in Victoria, mandates were quietly eased for the construction industry when the boys in flouro got a little testy.

As for blacks, all you have to do is burn multiple cities to the ground…

…and you’re guaranteed a black female Supreme Court Judge who refuses to define what a woman is.

Or even what it is to be human.

The point of all this is that violence is rewarded. Is this the conclusion the globalists intend us to reach?

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