Ottawa issues State of Emergency: Police Outnumbered


Canadians are taking their country back:

Canada’s capital city continues to be paralysed by mobs of anti-vax mandate protestors as the mayor declares a state of emergency in an effort to restore order.

Mayor Jim Watson said the city was spiralling into chaos with demonstrators now outnumbering police.

The situation at this point is completely out of control because the individuals with the protest are calling the shots.

“They have far more people than we have police officers,” the mayor told a local radio station.

I’ve been waiting two years to see this level of panic. Their outnumbered and they’re scared, because rather than just marching around the streets singing a few songs then going home, they are shutting down the entire capital and the country.

TheCanadian Regime has been forced to adopt absurd measure to regain composure, banning honking in Ottawa:

Police are enforcing the ban:

Literal clownworld.

Heavily armed police at one point tried to confiscate the trucker’s fuel.

But the masses just brought them more fuel, despite a decree making it illegal. Ingeniously, they also sent out decoys:

Civil disobedience is yielding real world results and the establishment’s pants-shitting is beautiful to watch. However, if they’re rolling out the robocops to issue parking infringement notices, you can expect the Canadian Regime to escalate the confrontation under a state of emergency.

In response to the residents’ anger, Ottawa police on Sunday relocated some of the protestors and erected fresh barricades saying they are “collecting financial, digital, vehicle registration … and other evidence that will be used in criminal prosecutions.”

They also said they the new measures could include possible arrests of those seeking to aid the protestors…

While the Freedom Convoy began as a movement against a Canadian vaccine requirement for cross-border truckers it has morphed into a more general attack against public health measures and the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The situation is moving along precisely in the direction indicated by Adam Piggott:

Demanding an end to vaccine mandates is actually a really dumb strategic demand, and that’s because the mandates aren’t the problem. The government that is issuing the mandates is the problem. The Canadian truckers are going after a symptom but not the root cause. They had a sure fire bulls eye to the root cause on the very first day they rolled into town when the prime minister fled into the night. He fled because he thought that they were coming to do to him what he has been doing to them for so many years. He fled because he assumed that it was pitchforks time based on his own guilty conscience. Pure projection, a dead giveaway.

Canadians could well be getting there, in their own slow way.

As for the little crybaby Justin Trudeau, he’s still in hiding.

And as for the trucker blockade, well, it’s spreading:

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