Mask Mandate Hell in Western Australia


How do we put a positive spin on the fact that not only are we keeping Western Australians in prison for longer, we are making cell conditions worse?

From the Lying Press:

Western Australia’s border may not be coming down on February 5, but many new rules to help the community live with Omicron come into force today.

There you go. You’re safer. See, we’re helping.

For many people in those parts of regional WA relatively untouched by COVID-19 infections, these new ways of going to school, running a business or just going about day-to-day life will be a big change.

Even Perth and Peel residents, who have already had to be double-jabbed to enter big entertainment venues like nightclubs and events, will have to whip out their proof of COVID-19 vaccination to visit a bigger range of places.

Whip it out cowboys and cowgirls.

Many people around the state will need to have received at least two jabs to be able to go to work.

***Sarcasm mode off*** Seriously, what the hell?

There are a lot of seemingly ever-changing rules to keep track of, but here’s a rundown on what you need to know for today.

Who writes this crap? Are they on drugs?

All secondary school students must follow the WA government’s mask rules, which means students in Perth, Peel, the Great Southern, South West and Wheatbelt will need to wear masks indoors.

But this may extend to students in other regions if a mask mandate is issued for their area.

That’s child abuse. They’d be better off staying home and watching cat videos.

Once WA records higher numbers of cases — a yet-to-be-defined threshold — the Chief Health Officer may recommend introducing masks for primary students from year 3 and above.

While students do not have to be vaccinated to attend school, their teachers and school staff must have had at least two jabs.

Okay I’m bored. I am not cutting and pasting any more of this crap, you don’t need to know any of this stuff. One of the most oppressive features of totalitarianism is the arbitrary, complicated and illogical nature of its bureaucracy. Through fear it conditions everybody to follow rules, then makes the rules unnecessarily turgid and ever-changing. It is deliberate psychological abuse designed to degrade humanity to the status of mere cattle.

Basically, the Western Australian government is mandating the wearing of masks, and introducing Victorian levels of vaccine mandate compliance. Thankfully, even the enforcers are sick of it.

From Telegram:

Message from a police man…

Can you please post this message everywhere you can including on the No x jobs perth and wa page my Facebook account is blocked.

After January 31st

Go where ever you need and want, if u get asked just keep walking if they want to take it further they can call cops who will get sooooooo sick of having to come and tell us we need to leave and they will just tell you to leave or caution you. I was a copper for 8 years trust me, they’re going to be dreading this shit and hate having to constantly go to shops to ask people to leave! So go people, go every single day and go as many times as you can. Cops have other shit to do and the more they’re called to do this crap the more they’ll complain. They can’t task because they’re at a shopping centre, helping the local cleaner who has taken on the role of vaccine police. 😂😂😂😂😂

This is funny, it is so ludicrous guys don’t get all serious about it and don’t stop going ANYWHERE.

Let’s say you walk into Kmart and a 17 year old kid on the door asks to see your pass, I will not even acknowledge them, I will not even look at them, I will literally walk through as if they do not exist. I will do the same to any member of the public that asks to see my personal details! The ONLY person I will acknowledge is one that had the same training and the incredible responsibility that I had once I took the oath to serve as a police officer!

You don’t have to be rude or angry. You just say “I didn’t realise I was not allowed to be here”. That’s all you say.

Have you been served with written documentation explaining where you can and can not go? NO! You have not. Do you watch the news? NO! You stopped watching the main stream media months ago. Did you see the sign at the front of the store? NO! I was on my phone as I walked in. Did you hear the staff member ask you for your papers? NO! You were on the phone when you walked in. Look at your phone every time you enter a store. People are less inclined to interrupt you and always walk in confidently. If you want this bullshit to crumble, we need to do this. If we don’t, it will become accepted. There’s thousands of us. We all need to do this as regularly as we can and don’t panic. You won’t be arrested or charged or fined, you just say I didn’t realise I was not allowed to be here. Be kind, calm and courteous and walk out. Do not be a smart arse. But if only a few of us do it, it won’t cause an issue. We all have to do it!!

Mark McGowan has already received death threats. Yesterday Scott Morrison’s car was mobbed as it made a hasty exit from the National Press Club in Canberra.

Nobody even knows where Justin Trudeau is.

It’s only a matter of time before this all ends in tears.

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