Australia’s sadistic Counter Terrorism Industry begins its torture-by-show-trial of two innocent Whites


Brannon Adelson

Remember when the political police charged these two brothers with terrorism back in early 2020 for an alleged plot to blow up a power station or something?

From the Guardian, 21 March, 2020:

A man from the New South Wales south coast has been charged with terrorism offences a week after another man was arrested over the alleged rightwing plot.

Benjamin Lucas was due to face Nowra local court on Saturday after being arrested outside a police station last Sunday.

On Friday night he was charged with one count of acts done in preparation for, or planning, terrorist acts and is facing life in prison. He was also charged with two counts of possessing a prohibited firearm.

The Batemans Bay man allegedly had hunting knives and survival equipment in his car and was charged after a series of search warrants were carried out over the past five days.

On Monday, Sanctuary Point man Joshua Lucas, 21, was charged with planning a terrorist act after police uncovered an alleged rightwing plot to attack an electrical substation on the south coast.

They are facing their show-trial this week for “terrorism” and unfortunately the charges were not withdrawn by the political police, nor were they dropped by a judge due to a lack of evidence. As we all know, the process is the punishment when it comes to the political police. And 9 out of 10 cases are committed to trial or they are brought before a committal hearing.

So why were these guys charged? Why did the media take the police’s lies at face value and report them? Why did all the politicians and academics cry bloody murder and demand that new repressive laws be brought in to combat “far-right extremism”? We all know the answer to that.

It’s because—like in every Five Eyes shithole—we are ruled by paranoid dogs who want to torture innocent Whites for political capital. The whole “counter-terrorism” (CT) apparatus is just a repression machine that slanders, abuses, imprisons, tortures and murders Whites for the Beast’s ends.

The Beast has completely destroyed this once great country and instead of admitting fault and trying to fix the problems it has caused, it will lash out against the population for not accepting its god-given right to plunder and rape, all the way until the end.

These scum are pure evil and have an agenda of pure evil. CT police are not protectors of the public, they are torturers of the public. Journalists are not reporters of the truth, they are paid liars of the system. The only thing CT academics and politicians do is ponder how best to torture and lie about their enemies.

How many more innocent people need to have their lives ruined by these blue devils before the decent people still left in this country say “enough”?

The whole so-called “counter-terrorism” industry is really just a criminal organisation manned top to bottom by vicious sadists who exist to emiserate and terrorise innocents for the ruling class‘ political ends.

In traditional law codes like Hammurabi’s, those who falsely accuse someone of a crime would at the very least receive the punishment of the crime they falsely accused someone of, and often would be executed.

Yet these vermin continue to torture innocent White men because there is zero negative consequences for doing so, in fact they are celebrated and patronised by the Jews for their vile treason.

The rotten mess that we call “counter-terrorism” needs to be disbanded and destroyed. Its worst offenders need to be thrown into a jail cell for as long as a “terrorism” convict would expect in hellscape that is Jewry’s Australian economic zone.

Free them now!