Unity. It is a word that is thrown around so often these days we rarely get a chance to contemplate what it truly means and how each of us can apply it in our everyday life. So, what are we uniting for? If you are like me your answer to that question will be “to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children”. Fantastic. Where do we begin?

Well firstly I would like to tell you about two of the most enriching tasks I have undertaken in my life. The most obvious of those being fatherhood and secondly the years I have spent coaching martial arts. Both have brought me a tremendous amount of joy and provided me with numerous life lessons that have continued to change my outlook over time. They both have their separate challenges sure, but they also share a common goal which is to provide all the tools necessary to achieve success and to bring the very best out of my students as possible. Now this is not always an easy task, actually it very rarely is, and no two students or kids are the same, therefore our approach must differ from person to person. Some require a firm hand, they need direction and when they start to lose focus, they require a scolding to get them back on track. Others need positive reinforcement and validation to motivate them and help boost their confidence. Learning to differentiate between who needs what and when can be tricky, it not only takes time but also compassion and the one thing that matters more than all. Love.

If you truly want to get the best out of someone then love is essential. When you have a fighter come to the corner at the end of the 2nd round with a broken nose and two black eyes and you’re sending them out there for a 3rd they need to know that you have their back, that you feel their pain, that their victory is your victory and that their loss is your loss. Not because of how much money you may make or what your record looks like as a coach but because you invested in their success, in their happiness and their wellbeing. Unity.

When the Aussie diggers of WW1 and WW2 went off to fight in war the main drive for many of them was the love of their people. Many of them were prepared to lay their life down to save the lives of their brothers and many did. How many people do we know today that would be willing to make the same sacrifices as those brave men did during those brutal wars? Not many, I can tell you.

This basic universal principle of the necessity for love to achieve unity is so widely misunderstood by the White race that it has become a major hurdle we need to overcome if we are to truly have any hope at preserving a future for our race. If we are truly to create a movement that will stand through all the adversity that it is destined to face, then the foundation must be that of love. If we don’t start to genuinely care for each other’s wellbeing, if the happiness of our brothers remains of no concern to us then how can we be expected to develop the loyalty to each other needed to go through the trenches of war?

Our world is fuelled by hate and although it has its place, we need to start collectively understanding that our true strength will only be found in love.

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