Truth and God


Editor: On Saturday, January 8, 2021, Stephen Wells gave a speech against Covid Tyrranny and for God.

It was excellent fire and brimstone. He balanced it out the following day with a longer discussion of his motivations for preaching a sermon rather than giving a speech.

Importantly, he corrected and apologised for an error he made during the speech – where he claimed the Bible does not say “God is love”. This error has also been corrected in the text of Saturday’s sermon below.


For the past 1700 years the Anglo Saxon people have been Christians. 1300 years ago Scandinavian people began raiding and invading Christian controlled lands in Britain and though they conquered physical territory, their false gods were defeated by the one true God. The heathen were converted and saved and Christianity triumphed over all of Europe.

The reason White peoples are under attack is not because of our skin colour. It is because of our culture, our heritage and our laws. Most of all it is because of the faith we used to all practice and believe in. That faith is what gave us our culture, heritage and laws. That faith is what gave us our scientific method, our liberty, our civilisation.

If you research into this CoVid agenda, into this Great Reset agenda, you will discover a startling fact. Everything, and I mean absolutely everything, is focused upon bringing in a world that emulates the specific conditions laid out in the book of Revelation under the Antichrist. In other words it is completely and utterly an anti-Christian agenda.

It is not an anti-Islamic agenda. It is not an anti-Jewish agenda. It is not anti-Hindu, anti-Sikh, anti-Buddhist, anti-Pagan, anti-Dreamtime or anti-flying-spaghetti-monster. It is specifically anti-Christian. It is Anti-Christ.

Whether you look at the design of the European Parliament building, the 060606 patent for a digital currency system, the active ingredient of “luciferin” in the CoVid jabs or the inability to buy or sell without a digital passport that will soon be able to be scanned on your forehead or on your right hand; every single part of this agenda is being carried out by people who know what is written in the Bible and who think that they can get away with implementing the Satanic prophesies in it, with impunity.

And the truth is, they can! They can get away with it. They are getting away with it. And the reason they are getting away with it is because the vast majority of people in the West no longer believe in God and the promises of the Bible. Most people who call themselves Christians don’t believe it and obviously everyone else who has allowed themselves to be led astray by their TV, their school and the popular books they have consumed, only pay lip service to whatever so called “personal truth” they claim to follow.

I want to wake you up out of your slumber with some facts. First of all, natural selection does not explain the origin of life or the diversity of life. It’s a failed scientific theory. It has been falsified. Unless you believe that it’s possible for the universe to randomly produce your mobile phone and all of the programs on it, you should stop believing that the universe could randomly produce or develop life. Because the most basic individual cell is a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion times more complex than the most advanced computer system on the planet. Life is structured information and communication of information and you cannot have either, without mind.

Second fact. No civilisation anywhere on the planet at any time in history has ever emerged without a cohesive unifying spiritual and philosophical foundation. Diversity in society is not strength. Diversity is death. If you think we are all going to come together believing different things and stand together under our selfish desires to simply keep bodily autonomy for the purposes of travel, job, house or taking care of your children, you’ve got rocks for brains.

No society can emerge, thrive or survive based on individualism. There has to be something greater to either believe in, or to be forced to accept. And it has to be the same thing for everyone in that civilisation. There is only strength in unity. There is only strength in shared purpose. There is only strength in either compliance through fear of having everything taken from you, OR through the voluntary willingness to sacrifice yourself and all that you love for a vision that everyone in your community shares.

You need to ask yourself: Am I willing to die for this? Am I willing for my family and my children to die for this? Am I willing to sacrifice everything? All that I love, all that I care about, for something greater?

And if you’re not, then you need to change your religion! Because whatever you believe in now is not going to succeed unless you are prepared to force everyone else to comply with it. You will simply be another McGowan. Another Scott Morrison. Another Bill Gates with a different false god behind you.

Christianity is not the Pope. Christianity is not pedophiles wearing cassocks. Christianity is not turning up to Church once a week and telling yourself lies about love.

God is not love the modern version of love. God never tells us that He is such a thing. God tells us He has love, that He gives love gives love and, yes, that He is love. But it’s not some hippy love from the 1960s. There is a difference. Love is not just a noun. It’s a verb. It’s an action. It’s mainly something you do. It’s something God does. If you want to know what God is, that isn’t subject to misinterpretation, instead of what he has or does, then simply listen to and accept His own description of Himself. Jesus says “I am the truth, the way and the life”.

So God doesn’t just tell the truth. God IS truth. That is a fundamental thing that is manifest in everything else He is. He IS truth.

The first Commandment is Worship God. Put God first. Put him above all else. Put Him above all other Commandments. Because how can you trust yourself to not kill, to not steal, to not covet your neighbour’s wife, if are not first living a life of truth? A life of God?

I hear people all the time say “I’m not a Christian but I have Christian values”. Liar! Hypocrite!

If you want to know why we are in this mess, it’s because we accepted lies. We valued our job more than God. Because God IS truth and we preferred to live in acceptance of the lie, rather than lose our jobs. We chose to wear a mask on the train or at work because we prefer to live in the lie rather than live in God. We chose to put up with the QR codes rather than tear them down, because we prefer to avoid fines and jail rather than live in God and in truth. We prefer to take poison into our veins and lie to ourselves about the reasons we are doing it. We claim that we are forced because our children need a roof over their head or because we have a sick relative and we need to visit them. We value anything and everything above God. God doesn’t just tell truth. God IS truth.

Diametrically opposed to God is Satan. Satan is the father of what?


He rebelled against God. He rebelled against truth. Just like we did after we listened to him.

You cannot defeat lies with more lies. When God orders Abraham to sacrifice his only son to Him, who is He this God he is prepared to sacrifice for? He is the truth. He is the way. He is the life. And ultimately God stays his hand. Why? Because the only way you can ultimately save the things you love is to put God first. To hold fast to the truth. God had made promises to Abraham about Issac and because God is truth, those promises required Issac to live or to be raised from the dead to be fulfilled. So the test to Abraham was one of faith in God. Faith in truth. Absolute truth. Not objective truth. Not a new age mumbo jumbo personal truth. THE truth! To live a life of God. A life of truth. He is the way. He is what we must be, he is what we must do. He is the life. There is no life, there can be no life, without truth. You cannot create life from lies. You can only destroy with them. But our lives are eternal. We can only destroy the flesh. When our bodies fail our souls endure. We will either live an eternity in God and truth, or we will live an eternity in hell and lies.

How do you feel when you live in a lie? Does it feel good to put on a mask? Does it feel good to not do something because of fear? Imagine an eternity of lies. Imagine an existence of nothing but lies, forever and ever. Is that not torment and pain? Is that not hellfire and damnation?! Is that not a second death? An eternal death?

We were created. That is the truth. That is God. We were put here to live lives of truth. Lives of God. That is our purpose. That is the reason for our existence. Not just to tell the truth, but to live in truth. To seek the truth. To BE one with truth.

Christ gave us the mechanism in which to do that. The way to repent of our sins. Our lies! The lies we told, the lies we lived, the lies we inflicted upon others with our words and deeds. And because Christianity is the ONLY faith. The ONLY faith where truth is absolute because God is absolute! The ONLY faith in which you can be forgiven for your sins. Your lies. The only faith where heaven and eternal life comes from being prepared to sacrifice everything of this material world. Your house, your food, your life, the lives of those you love to God. To the truth. The being that made this world and everything in it. Yourself, your children and all that you love.

Only God. Only truth can save them. When you understand this, you will never wear a mask again. You will never submit to liars again. Wearing a mask will not stop the liars from killing you. Wearing a mask will not stop them taking your kids of killing your kids. Injecting poison into yourself will not stop them taking your house. Injecting poison yourself won’t stop them injecting your kids.

Only God can do that. And God will test your faith. God gave it all to you and God can take it all away. He has the RIGHT to take it all away from us. Because He made us. Your mother didn’t assemble 20 separate genomes in a specific sequential order of code 150 times over to make just a single one of your cells. God made that. God made you. He can unmake you. But He is also your only chance. Your only way put of this. To accept on faith that total submission to truth is the only way for salvation. Total sacrifice to truth is the only solution. God is truth. Truth is God.

And This is the reason why the agenda is specifically anti-Christian. This is why it’s not anti-Judaism, anti-Muslim, anti-Hindu or anti anything else.

Because you cannot live in truth once you have the burden of all your previous lies. You need repentance. You need atonement. You need forgiveness. You need Christ.

This is why they hate Christianity. This is why they must destroy it. For as long as there is one person left who is willing to sacrifice everything of this world for God. For truth. Then lies cannot succeed. Because they know that true Christians have been forgiven, saved and granted eternal life, they are not cowed when threatened with loss of job, loss of income, loss of liberty or even loss of life. And as long as there is just one such person left in the world, their lies cannot succeed.

So reclaim your culture. Reclaim your heritage. Reclaim your history. Reclaim your faith. Put God first. Accept Christ. Repent, believe and live in truth once more. Live in God as He intended you to live and Satan and his lies will fail in this world, whilst you are granted an eternity of truth in the next.

You can find Stephen Wells at Telegram and purchase his books here.